My name is Leah,I’m a twenty year old single Mama to my gorgeous one year old daughter Willow Rose. I originally created my blog in October 2016, as a way to document my life as a new teen Mum and make note of all Willows little milestones and adventures.

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As my blog grew,I knew I wanted to do more and started to do posts on my favourite make up products,I love experimenting with make up and discovering new products. Ideally,I would love to work in the make up world,that has been my biggest dream for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I used to want to do SFX for TV or movie sets as I thought that would be pretty cool but now my biggest make up related dream is to one day release my own make up products!! I think that is every make up lovers dream though! (I’ve already designed everything a million times over and got names for them all haha)

I am also extremely passionate about raising awareness of mental health and fighting the stigma attached with it,particularly BPD, which I was diagnosed with in January 2017.  I think blogging about it whilst still learning myself, means myself, and readers can learn about it together,which I love as it makes everything seem a little less lonely.

Starting my blog is one of the best things I have ever done,its opened up so many opportunities and I’ve met some amazing lifelong friends!

Hope to see you around,


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