10 Things I Don’t Miss About Pregnancy

Saturday’s Halloween blogpost was an epic fail. It’s all been written out but I haven’t had a chance to take the photo’s needed as everyone in my house is poorly.To make up for it..today I have written ‘Things I Don’t Miss About Pregnancy.”.

This is just a quick,fun last minute post but I’m hoping this will stop me from feeling  broody because I’m 19 and I don’t need another baby just yet!



10 Things I Don’t Miss About Pregnancy:

  1. Swollen feet.Swollen ankles.Swollen hands.-just being swollen.
  2. Acid reflux. I had the worst acid reflux when pregnant,I couldn’t even lie down without receiving a disgusting acidic taste in my throat. (No Gavisgon wasn’t an option as I struggle to take medication)
  3. Inappropriate touching. By this I mean everyone and anyone coming over and stroking my bump. No thank you.
  4. Broken/Cracked ribs. When Willow’s foot got a lil too comfortable in my ribs xoxo Its painful and you can’t physically do anything without wincing in absolute agony.
  5. The Waddle. I actually think its cute but lets face it,you don’t get shit done when you’re waddling as slow as a lil turtle.
  6. The Stares. PEOPLE LOVE STARING. Whether it was nasty because I was 18 and pregnant or in awe because baby bump,everywhere I went I was stared at. I HATE being stared at,it makes me uncomfortable and ugh.
  7. The Twitching. By far one of the most annoying,uncomfortable and inconvenient things about pregnancy. You’re all comfortable in bed and then bam,your leg won’t stop twitching. It annoys you and your partner and its always conveniently as you’re about to drift off to sleep.
  8. Blood Tests. Summary: I hate needles. I am terrified of them. They hurt. I knew I’d be having them a couple times,I hated it. I would have panic attacks as it was such a big fear of mine. Due to complications I ended up having them all the time.By the end of pregnancy I was so used to them that I conquered my fear (temporarily). I would rather never go through this again tho,as I haven’t had blood test in a while and my fear of needles has returned.
  9. NOT BEING ABLE TO POOP. NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THIS. I never knew about it until I couldn’t do it. In the last trimester pooping is difficult. You’re welcome,if you didn’t know.
  10. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Just waiting for the day you meet him/her. Its the longest wait in the world and I don’t have the patience for that again.


What are some of the ones you won’t miss?or if you haven’t had a baby I hope you maybe learnt something new about pregnancy!



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