Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks Swatches&Review(Redrum,Unicorn Blood,Leo,Gemini,Androgyny,Scorpio&Masochist)

Before I start this blogpost,I wanted to say that I know Jeffree Star is a bit of a controversial person in the youtube community. However,I know very little of this other than the drama with Kat Von D. I personally love his youtube videos and his snapchats,from what I’ve seen (on snapchat in particular)he seems like a genuinely amazing (very sassy) person and I love his brand.

I have accumulated quite a few of Jeffree Stars Liquid Lipsticks and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon..I am obsessed with them and frankly obsessed with all the products I’ve tried from him.

I currently have seven in my growing collection and I love them. As always I pick them up at trusty beautybay for £16 each. A bit on the pricier side but worth it in my opinion. Some of them are a little bit drying but others are nice and creamy.


L-R: Redrum,Unicorn Blood,Leo,Gemini,Androgyny,Scorpio and Masochist.



Apologises for my poor excuse of pictures.I didn’t take pictures of the swatches dry because I’m dumb.

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First in my collection is Redrum,I purchased this around Christmas time and I really like it. I’d say its a very daring bright red but its beautiful. I was put off at first as its a very strong colour and I don’t usually reach for something like this but I finally have the confidence to *attempt* to rock it. I don’t find this one drying at all and find it lasts for a long long time unlike some of the others.

I did do lip swatches but they look so bad and I couldn’t put my lips through that again. They were so sore and swollen. Just look at them.


Next up,Unicorn blood. I don’t really reach for this one much. If I’m honest,I caved into the hype of this  one.I’d describe it as a dark red-ish brown colour. This one only needs one coat and it applies perfectly,so I see why its hyped but I don’t think its a good colour for me personally..maybe because I’m so white.

Leo I purchased as its Willows that a justifiable reason to purchase a lipstick?I don’t know but either way I love it. This one is a dark peachy brown and honestly,looks nothing like it does on the website but I love it even more in person. This one lasts forever,it requires just one application and isn’t patchy whatsoever. Its one of my go to’s for everyday.

My first ever Jeffree Star liquid lipstick was Gemini and it has been my favourite since day one. I’d call this one my absolute favourite out of them all and its definitely my most worn. This one is very opaque and I find just one swipe is enough to get an even and full coverage. This one feels light on my lips and it doesn’t break or crack,unlike others I’ve tried. I’d highly recommend this one if you’re looking for a wearable light nude brown shade.

Another close favourite is Androgyny,I feel like this is one of-if not the most popular shade from JS. Its described as a sulty,plum mauve and I agree completely. Its such a beautiful colour and if you’re after a wearable purplish shade-grab it as soon as its availble because this one sells out so fast. Another massive perk this one has NO TRANSFER!! or at least I haven’t experienced any.

Scorpio is a very different shade for me again. I wanted to grab a shade different to my usual browns and I picked up a greyish lilac shade. I AM OBSESSED. I think this colour is very unique and unlike anything else I own. I think this one might be the most liquid-y one I own,which I actually really like as it doesn’t feel drying on the lips. Since adding this one to my collection its been one of my most worn. I’d say this one is by far the nicest formula.

Lastly, Masochist..I absolutely hate this one. I love the colour as again,I don’t own any bright pinks but this lipstick is absolutely awful in terms of everything else. The formula is extremely drying. It cracks and dries on my lips,I can feel it in every line on my mouth and it doesn’t feel nice like the others. It also stains your lips and is impossible to remove. I will still wear it because I love the colour. I wouldn’t recommend this shade personally,when there are so many other better ones from his brand.

Sorry for the lengthy post! From now on I think I will stick to reviewing products individually because wow. Well done if you read to the end!

Let me know if you’ve tried any and which ones you’d recommend as I can’t wait to get my hands on even more of these babies.


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