All About Your First Born (Tag)

I was catching up on some bloggers when I noticed GLH has made a comeback with this tag! I believe it was originally a Facebook tag that she brought over to her blog and I loved it so obviously I decided to do it.

Was your first pregnancy planned?

Absolutely not. 

Were you married?


What was your reaction?

I cried-a lot. I was just in complete shock.

Were you induced?

No but there was a lot of talk about me being induced,during a long time period where she wasn’t growing.

How old were you?


How did you find out?

I was actually on the pill and started bleeding whilst I was taking it. I stopped immediately because I thought something wasn’t right and I stopped bleeding. I just left it whilst I looked at other forms of contraception. My boyfriend got suspicious and bought a test ‘to be on the safe side’ and I was nearly in my second trimester.

Did you want to find out the sex?

YES! I wanted everything to be prepared for when she arrived and by “gender appropriate” toys and clothes etc.


Due date?

17th August 2016.

Did you deliver early or late?

A week early on the 11th!


Did you have morning sickness?

Not very often. I felt nauseous sometimes and I only threw up twice the entire pregnancy! Lucky me.

What did you crave?

Carrots,strawberries and marzipan.

How many kilos did you gain from your pregnancy?

I couldn’t tell you because I’ve not weighed myself since highschool and I didn’t pay attention when they weighed me in hospital.

What was the sex of your baby?

A girl!


Did you have complications during labour?

There was a few,but I can’t recall some of them as I was so drugged and spaced out.

Where did you give birth?

Manchester.I don’t want to say what hospital because internet creeps.

How many hours were you in labour?

16 hours and active labour was about 1hour and 15 minutes.

How much did your baby weigh?

6lbs 4oz.

What did you name him/her?

Willow Rose Heath.

How old is your newborn today?

7 months and 5 days.

What colour eyes does your newborn have?

Light blue/Grey.




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