Baby Number Two!


Growing up,I always knew I wanted a huge family. Lots and lots of kiddies,in fact I want seven. Seven is extremely ambitious as my boyfriend only wants two,so I don’t see that happening.

When I got pregnant,I never expected it to be at 18 but I am so happy everything planned out the way it did. It might sound dramatic but Willow Rose saved my life. I owe absolutely everything to my family. The support I’ve had from everyone since the day I found out has been incredible and they reacted the complete opposite of what I thought.

Baby number two is definitely a part of Levi and I’s five year plan as we want Willow and baby two to be as close as possible. We’re not a fan of the big age gaps and want them to grow up together.

Yes,despite everything that has happened over the last few months. Levi and I are back together,better and stronger than ever. Now we have my diagnosis,its easier to understand why I acted the way I did. His support since the day I found out about it has been incredible. Even though,he went off with other girls (which is no secret) he always comes back and at the end of the day his heart has and always will belong to yours truly.

I think that’ll be the last I mention of it,other than the other girls were nothing but a distraction. Our relationship was so past fucked,that we needed out and we dealt with it in different ways.

Luckily,its exactly what we needed to miss each other and realise how much our relationship and family is worth.


People are extremely judgemental. If I leave the gap too big then I’m one thing and if I do it too soon I’m a slag. I can’t win but luckily I don’t live for other peoples opinions. I will have baby number two when myself and Levi are ready and that isn’t any time soon,we only just got back together!

We want to enjoy and spend time with Willow,watching her grow up,teaching her things and taking her places. Learning all about her,her likes and dislikes,her favourite colours etc and just focus on her being an only child.

We want to have our own family home and we want to be married before we even discuss baby number two. We are currently in the process of looking for our first family home together and I couldn’t be happier with how everything has turned out.

Right now,I love my little family of three just the way it is.

(Maybe a few pets wouldn’t go amiss though..just saying.)


One thought on “Baby Number Two!

  1. That title got me feeling some kinda way! This is such a mature post and I’m so happy that you’ve managed to sort things out, I really hope it works for you all because you’re the most adorable little family! ❤ x

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