Breastfeeding(My Experience)

I’m just going to cut to the chase. I had the worst experience with breastfeeding. It was one of those things that I just wanted to do so badly and in not doing so,I felt like an absolute failure. I felt like I’d let my daughter down. I’d read things online about how breastfeeding helped secure the bond of mother and baby and how breast is best and now I couldn’t do that.

I managed three days. Three days of pure hell and honestly,a lot of crying. Willow struggled to latch on,it was extremely fucking painful. My nipples were cracked and bleeding,they were so tender and sore to the point I was crying in pain.Then I get told,that I wasn’t producing enough milk and she was starving hungry. It broke my heart into a million pieces. My body wasn’t doing what it was designed to do and my baby wasn’t getting what she needed.

Determined not to give up,I tried a breast pump. All I can say is ‘what the f-duck?’. It was hands down the weirdest and most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever experienced. I felt violated by this weird suction machine. I started at the lower setting and turned it up to the highest…I got very little milk from both boobs. I was extremely agitated and annoyed by this because I just wanted to feed my newborn.

Don’t get me wrong,for some reason she managed to get the ‘good stuff’. For those who don’t know,the ‘good stuff’ is called Colostrum,its the first bit of breast milk your body produces. Its a yellow-ish colour, essentially full of goodies like antibodies for babies health and is often referred to as the babies first immunisation.

In the end,however,we ended up switching to formula. I was gutted to say the least. I did get over it pretty quickly though to be honest.


Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 05.30.13.png

(I kinda thought it looked like she was cheering so..)

Throughout my pregnancy,I struggled immensely with anaemia and this continued way after Willow was born. This caused me to be exhausted and drained ALL.THE.TIME. Feeding with bottles meant other people could help me out.

When you stop breastfeeding,your boobs are supposed to leak for weeks after. Mine did very little leakage for about a week or two and then it completely stopped. I didn’t even need to use breast pads because there was genuinely no point.That just proves to me how little milk I actually managed to produce.

When I was unable to bond with Willow and I was diagnosed with PND. I blamed myself for not being able to breastfeed. Since then though,Willow and I have such an unbreakable strong bond. Not being able to breastfeed played no part in my diagnosis as I was more likely to have PND as I had prenatal too.

Willow latched on so much better and drank one and half 5oz bottles which is crazy for a newborn but she was SO hungry at this point. She was finally being fed instead of starved. As far as I’m concerned,that is all that matters.

Don’t sit there and tell me that breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and child. It is a load of utter bullshit. My bond with Willow is just as strong as the bond between breastfeeding mothers and their offspring.

In fact,I find it extremely offensive. Not just for myself and the fact I couldn’t breastfeed but for the many different parents out there. Gay couples,adoptive parents,the fathers of the babies..they ALL can’t breastfeed and guess what?They ALL love their children unconditionally too.

This isn’t to bash breastfeeding Mums in any way,shape or form so please if you do breastfeed don’t take offence! I think you’re just as amazing as every other Mum and parent out there.

I believe in terms of feeding your baby,you should do whats best for you and your situation.

In summary, FED IS BEST. As long as your baby is happy and healthy,you’re doing a damn good job!



7 thoughts on “Breastfeeding(My Experience)

  1. The fact you lasted 3 days is amazing! The only time I breast fed Jake was when he was first born then from then he wouldn’t latch or anything so I gave him a bottle of formula milk! To say the least I felt guilty and like I let him down but it was him that wanted the bottled milk! So don’t be hard on yourself! Loved this post😘

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  2. You’re such a strong mother! I hate that some parents claim that some ways of doing stuff makes you a better parent than another, as long as you all love your child the same and they’re all happy and healthy, why should it matter?

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    • Thank you so much! Mom twitter is the worst place for it honestly😓 I think every good parent loves their child regardless so who cares if they’re breastfed or bottle fed?i really don’t understand why there’s such a thing about it😂

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  3. Thank you for this post! I struggled with breastfeeding; my son was 5 weeks premature and in an incubator for two weeks with breathing difficulties, and when he was well enough to come out he wouldn’t latch no matter how hard I tried. After two rounds of mastitis I gave up and switched to expressing and formula, but was treated as a second class citizen by midwives because I wasn’t breast feeding. No matter how a mother chooses to feed her baby, as long as they’re gaining weight, happy and healthy – who cares whether it’s bottle or breast?! X

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  4. I’m not a parent so I can’t say anything about going through it myself but I saw first hand my sister go through the same thing.

    Everybody has an opinion about how a child should be raised but I think it’s down to the parent to decide what’s best for their child. Well done for trying as hard as you did at it, I know my sister was in agony for days before giving up.

    You said it best, fed is best!

    Also congrats on your little bundle she is absolutely prescious 😍😍

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    • Its such a hard thing for a mother who wants to breastfeed I think because of the stigma and everything against bottle fed babies but as long as babies are healthy and gaining weight thats all that truly matters! Thank you so much x

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