December Favourites 2016

This is my first ever make up/beauty related post and I am so excited! I absolutely love make up,I’ve never been the best at it but I love experimenting with new make up and creating different looks.

I also included some of my favourite things for Willow and some other random things such as TV shows just for fun.

Yes,I used Willows changing mat as my backdrop…and I used my phone and laptop to take pictures because I am poor and can’t afford a decent camera-sorry bout it.

With December being the month of Christmas I accumulated a lot of new make up..for myself butttt I have used them everyday since.

I included all the direct links to where you can purchase everything!



Absolutely everybody raves about the liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star so when I saw them on the beauty bay website,I just had to get my hands on some.I was torn between most colours,I personally don’t like the blues and other bright colours as I know I’d never wear them but they’re still gorgeous!

In the end I picked Gemini,as I know its a colour I am going to get loads of wear out of and I chose Redrum, as its Christmas and I didn’t own a red lip colour! I am so in love with both of them. They don’t leave my lips,I can drink and it doesn’t come off on the glass! I can kiss Willow without staining her forehead! It literally doesn’t budge. I am obsessed!



The formula is beautiful. I have no words. It applies like an absolute dream, I find the nib has enough on to cover my entire lips and is extremely easy to control. When they’re dry,I find the consistency still smooth and creamy! They don’t feel drying in the slightest.I am so impressed and I’m happy Youtubers weren’t lying.

One downfall is that I have to really scrub my lips-and hard,to get it off my lips at the end of the day but they’re absolutely perfect for all day/night wear! I haven’t had to reapply or anything,I love them and will definitely be purchasing more in the near future(Hello to all the browny nudes/pinky nudes).

They both cost £16.00 from!

Another cheeky purchase I made as a moment of weakness was a Skin Frost. I couldn’t resist! I really wanted to get my hands on Peach Goddess or Ice but they weren’t in stock. I ended up falling heads over heels with Lavender Snow. When I got it in person,it was a lot darker than I expected but after I swatched it-just ugh, I fell in love all over again. It is gorgeous and incredibly pigmented! I find when it reflects in the light,the purple isn’t too overpowering and it just looks amazing. I just love it and a little goes a very long way.

It cost me £25.5o also from!

(The day after I purchased it,Peach Goddess went back in stock-lol. But I’m super happy with Lavender Snow-its sooooooo pretty!)

I understand that some people don’t support Jeffree Star cosmetics because of the person himself but there is no deny that is products are incredible and 100% worth every single penny!


The next thing I got was the 35p Morphe palette and I am just in love. I’ve used this every single day without fail,I adore every single shade especially the purples and the shimmers. Every single colour is pigmented af and let me just tell you,the shimmer shades are heavenly,I can’t even deal with them,they’re just gorgeous! You can create so so so many looks with this one palette,theres shades for every day and night,all the mattes and all the shimmers,just everything you could possibly need! 35 colours for £21.00 you can’t go wrong!


I also got my sister the 35K palette and its equally as amazing and beautiful,its definitely more every day than the 35p palette,if you want something less daring. Unfortunately,I haven’t got a picture to show but trust me when I say its beautiful. Next up on my buy list though is 110% the classic 350 palette!

They were also both from for £21.00!

I did swatch all the shades but they disappeared and I couldn’t be bothered redoing them.

The next purchase was from for just £9.00!



(Yes,that is cat hair.)

It is of course,the Clinique contour chubby stick! Everyone has been raving about this and I have to say I agree,it is incredible! Even though it only comes in one shade,my extreme caspar ghost skin and I can make it work! I just use a tiny bit and blend,blend and blend til it looks perfect-then I take 1000 selfies because I am incredibly vain.



Since having Willow my skin has been so different that none of my old products work. This has left me with incredibly dry skin. Recently my Mum picked this Nivea moisturiser from Boots and it has actually saved my skin! I am so thankful as I was about ready to just peel my skin away.

Just £2.45 from Boots!



The Mum in me couldn’t resist sharing some of Willows favourite things. These are a life saver for when she is bored or whinging for no reason. She will play with them for hours on end. She is currently teething and the feet are perfect for her to chew on. She actually cuddles the giraffe one when she sleeps-don’t worry I keep my eye on her! But when I try and take it off her she wakes up and pouts.



If you follow have me on snapchat you will know, I dress Willow in this all the damn time. Recently it teared as you can see in the picture(R.I.P)I’m hoping my Grandma can salvage it with her knitting/sewing skills! I have no idea where its from as it was a gift but its cute and she just looks absolutely adorable in it.




I’ve had this blankie for ages and ages but I couldn’t do my first favourites without including this as it is my all time favourite thing of Willow’s. It was a present from Willow’s godmother Emma from The Cuddle Company! Naturally she chose cats because we love cats..yes WE. I think its perfect and its my go to blanket when we’re heading out.

Lastly,Willow dressed as Mrs Claus has to be my highlight of December so far. Just look how stinking cute!!

I know December isn’t over yet and these are usually done at the very end but with Christmas coming up,I doubt I will have time and I really wanted to do one!

Merry Christmas and I hope everybody has a much better 2017 because lets face it,2016 has been utter shit.



3 thoughts on “December Favourites 2016

  1. If you’re thinking of getting the morphe 35o palette i would 100% recommend this dupe from ebay if you’re looking to save money! I saw it on a youtube video and HAD to buy it…you can use these shades for eyeshadow (obviously) but they’re also good for contour and the (although i can’t compare them to a real morphe palette) the shades are such good quality and really pigmented, and it’s only £9.99


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    • Thank you so much! I’ll probably end up going for that one tbh! I’m still going to be picking up the Morphe one for my sister as a late Christmas present shes had her eye on it for awhile so I’ll definitely compare them

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