Facts About BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

I recently got diagnosed with BPD or EUPD (Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder). I knew absolutely nothing about it. My appointment with the doctor who diagnosed me was very quick and short,she gave me no facts or statistics. She gave me the diagnosis and showed me the door. It was pretty much up to me to find out the information myself.

When I was first diagnosed,I thought my depression and anxiety were incorrectly diagnosed. BPD can coexist with other mental illnesses and disorders.

I was diagnosed after being admitted into two mental health units,a series of suicide attempts and self harming. All which are extremely common for BPD patients.


People with BPD have a massive fear of abandonment. I personally require constant reassurance from my boyfriend that he isn’t going anywhere. I am terrified of losing him. The same applies to anyone,family or friends and I get attached too quickly to people.

Unfortunately, a pattern of intense and unstable relationships is common too. I get overly attached in new relationships within days. If I like someone thats it,its extremely unhealthy.


We have the inability to control impulsivity. This includes self harming,substance abuse,binge eating and shoplifting.

Suicidal thoughts,feelings and actions are extremely common. Overdoses,self harming etc. Gestures and hints are also very common,doing things that won’t be lethal but hinting at needing help for the way we are feeling.

We suffer from emotional instability,extremely up and down emotions. Can switch very quickly depending on the situation and whats happening/being said. We have difficulty controlling and regulating emotions such as anger.

Stress can bring on paranoid episodes and illusions-I haven’t done too much research on this yet.

This is all the stuff I’ve learnt so far about my diagnosis,if any of the information is wrong-blame google!Also if any of you have BPD and have any blogposts or anything I can read to learn more please link them below!



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