First Mothers Day

This post is a little late,everyone else has posted theres already but oh well. My First Mothers Day with Willow was one of the best days of this year so far.

That morning I didn’t have her as she had stayed over at her Grandparents the previous night,so I got a lie in and it was great. When she did come home I was attacked with cuddles and snuggles,she was super clingy and chatty as usual.


My Grandparents bought me a huge collaged picture frame thingy,a photo album and had some pictures done from when she was a newborn in hospital. My phone wiped all of her photo’s from the first days off my phone so seeing them made me so happy,even if they were of my relatives holding her and not me,just seeing how tiny she was and how much she’s grown is insane.

It was a pretty normal day as a whole to be honest. We didn’t do anything particularly special like Mothers Day lunch or anything. But it was perfect for us.

She has completely changed my life for the better and I love every single second of every single day with her. There is no love like the love you have for your own child. I’d been told that ever since I was really young but I never understood until now.

The past seven months have had some incredible highs and some awful lows but becoming a Mum,has been by far,the best thing in the world.



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