Lime Crime Velvetines Swatches&Review (True Love&Beet it)

When I discovered these on the beautybay website,I knew I had to get some. I’d always wanted to try Lime Crime products but after reading all about the scandals and fraud etc I was completely put off. However,beautybay is a website I can trust and I love with my whole entire heart. I am always finding cult products and forever getting my hands on new things to try!

The first three shades I ever picked up were, Beet it,Cashmere and True Love. I attempted to stray away from nudes and browns as they are my go to shade and I have quite a few of them in my lipstick collection now.

I lost Cashmere as I wore it recently when I went out and now I can’t locate it. Once I find it I will post a review of it.




The shade at the top is Beet it and the pink at the bottom is True Love.

Beet it is a deep berry shade and it reminds me of beetroot!It also smells really nice-I thought I’d mention that as bloggers seem to be obsessed with the scents and smells of everything. This makes my lips feel soft and velvety,which I guess is why they’re called Velvetines? It glides on like a dream and the pigmentation is insane.However,I find it dries more and more throughout the day and starts to go patchy so reapplication is needed. When removed it does stain a little bit but thats fine by me because it makes my lips look healthy..


Next True Love,I’d describe it as a bright pinky-red shade. I think it will suit me better when I have my new hair colour *smirks*. I don’t reach for it much as it is extremely vibrant and bold,I just don’t have the confidence for it to be honest. I do think its a lovely colour though. Again,the pigmentation is insane and one application is all thats needed. I find applying it with the applicator provided extremely difficult with this particular shade as it is so bright and difficult to remove,so I prefer using a very small and precise lip brush instead. It does fade throughout the day but not so much so that it needs reapplication.



My failed attempted at swatches!

Annoyingly Cashmere is my favourite shade so I really hope I find it soon! Please let me know if you’ve tried any or planning too and what shades because I need more..its a problem. I’ve got my eye on Wicked in particular and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


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