My Make Up Collection Feb/March 2017-Highlights

I wanted to do my Make Up Collection for a long time but I always put it off knowing how crazy long it would be. I recently went through all my make up and had a massive clear out and figured now would be the perfect time to share my remaining collection.

Sophie over at planetwhispers,has done this on her blog. Where she goes through each separately and reviews them,this way you won’t be sat reading all day. I decided to start with my most favourite make up item,which is of course highlights.

**Disclaimer,this is not to brag in anyway shape or form. I purchased everything with my own money or it was gifted to me by family and friends!


I’d like to start with one of my favourite highlighting palettes,the forever popular Sleek Solstice palette..I got it for about £9.00..I don’t have a picture because its gone on a walk and I can’t find it-anywhere. I really hope I didn’t accidentally throw it during my clear out..The palette is absolutely gorgeous and I wear it religiously. I’m sure you’ve all seen swatches and reviews on this baby and I confirm every single positive thing ever said about it.

Next is the cheapest and my least used. Its this MUA one in the shade Pink Shimmer, that I picked up for just £3.00.Its perfect if you’re on a tight budget. The colour is so pretty and surprisingly pigmented. I think for everyday it is gorgeous for a subtle,wearable highlight.I really wish I used it more but I kind of forget about it as my life is consumed by the others in my collection.

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Excuse my bad pictures,I’m still learning and these were taken on my iPhone as I couldn’t figure out how to stop the photo’s from going white..anyone?

Next in my collection is the Mary Lou Manizer from The Balm. I don’t use it. I saw rave after rave after rave,then I caved and purchased it online..I used it once. Its not that the highlight is horrible or not worth the money but as I mentioned before..the Jeffree Star highlights..I really can’t help it. The pigmentation of the Mary Lou is insane and I do love it so much,I just don’t reach for it. Again,I really wish I used it more because it is absolutely beautiful and I’m definitely going to start using it from time to time.

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This used to be my absolute favourite before I got my hands on …you guessed it.. Jeffree Stars but I still absolutely love my Make Up Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Palette. It was gifted to me for my 19th birthday from my Dad and he did good! (I’m pretty sure his girlfriend chose even though he insists on taking credit) I checked online and I found it for as little as £11.00!

It has eight shades so there is bound to be something suitable to your skin tone and if you’re like me,you can mix and match and create loads more combinations. As you can see,the white one was my most used as I’ve hit pan. I often mixed it with the yellow-ish shade below. The pigmentation is just incredible and makes me feel like a fairy goddess with that glow! I think its perfect for a beginner as you can experiment to your hearts content.

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Finally in my mini collection of highlights are the loves of my life. The Jeffree Star Skin Frosts. *Swoon*

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All three are incredibly pigmented and you just need to gently touch them once to get the most perfect highlight. I have Ice Cold which is the perfect white for my pale ass, Peach Goddess and Lavender Snow. I think Lavender Snow looks the most intimidating but its honestly such a beautiful colour and I love how it looks on my skin.

The price tag on these babies are a little hefty at £21.50 each from beautybay but I love them either way. I have my eye on Princess Cut and Siberian Gold..they’re so pretty!

For swatches on the JS Skin Frost head over to my Retail Therapy Haul and December Favourites! Let me know what other highlights I should add to my collection,I really want to grab an ABH Glow Kit at some point..I just don’t know which one.



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