Willow’s First Christmas

I was going to do a big in depth post about her First Christmas but I don’t have the time and I don’t want to leave this post too late!

We started out at mine and of course,she was more interested in the wrapping paper than all her new toys. She was so spoilt! I can’t for the life of me remember who got what but she got a lot of lovely lovely things and we’re very grateful for all of them.

At 4pm she went to her Dad’s and saw him and I didn’t get her back til boxing day but I’m super happy we both got to spend some time with her on her First Christmas.


As you can see her favourite present was the mirror,all she does now is stare at herself and smile,its the cutest thing ever!

I haven’t put my blog name on any of the pictures as honestly,its extremely time consuming and I’m very lazy. I loved her little dress she wore! It says ‘My First Christmas’ in it and she had a cute pink Stocking too that said ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ but we put nothing in it as all her presents were bigger.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and has the best 2017! I can’t wait for Christmas this year as Willow will be bigger and be able to open everything up herself.



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