Willow’s First Halloween

Halloween has always been my favourite holiday,theres nothing I love more than dressing up,sweets and Halloween movies (Hello,Hocus Pocus!). This year,tops them all as I now have a little person to dress up! I decided I was going to have her dress up in a few different costumes,we’d have cute little glittery bats and pumpkins as decorations and it was going to be super cute.


Sadly,the DIY photoshoot was an epic fail. I’ve never been a very creative person and absolutely suck at things like this but I tried my best.

Originally,I was going to re-create the Mandrake from Harry Potter! I am a Potterhead and I love everything to do with it.I had seen so many people do this on tumblr and I was so obsessed. I knew when I had a lil bean of my own,I’d 100% be doing this one day.

However, I didn’t get the stuff in time for Halloween! I put off uploading this blogpost as I was going to attempt to do it but clearly I’ve not go round to it and there is only so long I can put off a Halloween related post as its i nearly Christmas-yikes!)


The first costume was a cute little pumpkin onesie! My Mum picked it up for just £6 at Asda-I believe. It was extremely big on her and her feet didn’t reach the feet compartments but oh my god,she looks so big in the pictures as a result!


I have no idea why I didn’t do it elsewhere with better lighting or why I tried to experiment with different angles but I was in a rush as we had places to be.

The second one is this cute little ghost ballerina tutu dress! I am in love and actually devastated that she will never wear it again. Tutu’s are my absolute favourite thing to dress baby girls in and as she grows up she will be wearing them a lot,along with Disney princess dresses! My Dad’s girlfriend picked it up at Tesco for about £12.


For some reason,this is the only picture I can currently find of her in this costume since my laptop reset and I lost them all..thank you Apple Mac for your b****** .

I am not a creative person as we have already established and lot of costumes for babies are 6 months or older. The only costumes I could find online for babies younger than 3 months were DIY with instructions on what to sew where etc. No thanks!

I desperately tried to find a cute Tinkerbell costume because just imagine how cute that would be on a little newborn but I could only find costumes for 4 year olds.*sigh* I hyped Halloween up in my head so badly because of all the endless ideas I had in my head for her cute costumes but it turned into a bit of a shambles!

Better luck next year-I hope!



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