Willow’s Five Month Update

I’ve actually never done one of these before but I decided it would be a good way to keep up with all her progress and all the little things she starts to do. I’m obsessed with documenting every little thing she does,which you’ll probably notice if you follow me on twitter.

Recently,my little Princess has been staying up during the day with only one or two little power naps. Its hard to keep her occupied with something as she is so young but most of the time we just talk AKA make noises at each other. It mainly just me copying every little noise she makes,which she finds hilarious.

Another thing she’s been finding amusing recently,is touching my face. For whatever reason cupping my face is really funny. The first time she did,she had actually woke up from a sleep because I was crying and she put her hand on my face and went back to sleep. I took that as her comforting me but it was probably her way of telling me to shut up!

Last week,she learnt how to do “mouth/tongue farts” thanks to her Auntie Em and its now all she does. You literally can’t have a single conversation without her doing that at least four times in a row,she finds it so funny and shows it to everyone she meets. Including the Nurse who did her injections.

She had her injection on Tuesday 2oth, I was so nervous but I think thats just a Mum thing. It makes my heart break when she cries in pain. However,she cried for about 10 seconds before laughing at the Nurse! She then “talked” none stop,blew raspberries and did her new favourite trick of “tongue farts”.

I have no idea what its actually called,but basically she sticks her tongue out and makes fart noises.

She recognises her bottle and when she sees it,she will open her mouth ready for it. She rarely cries but she”s always been like that. She’s always smiling and laughing but she I don’t think she has  ever cried more than 3 or 4 times in a day and those are on bad days.

She’s desperately trying to sit up and is always pushing her head forward when in her bouncer!! She can lay on her tummy for absolutely ages and hold her head up to look around. When on her tummy she can turn onto her side then onto her  back but she kind of throws herself so we make sure there is something super soft for her to land on or we put our hand there to catch her with.When on her back she tries to roll over and has managed to once already!

I am convinced she recognises her name now as whenever someone says Willow she’ll either blow raspberries and look away as to say ” Piss off,I aint talking to you.” or she will look in your direction and smile like a little goon.

She’s honestly such a happy little baby its insane but when she’s grouchy we know about it!

We let her watch TV sometimes when we’re doing house chores and she will pay attention to The Lion Guard,Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins and talk to the TV as if they’re talking to her,its one of the cutest things. Anything else won’t keep her attention for long and she will start to cry.

She is extremely protective and fond of her giraffe toy,if you take it off her she will pout and start to tear up. She’s never actually cried for it as we always give it her back because her pout makes my heart melt and makes me feel bad.

At her last weigh in,she weighed a whooping 11lbs 14oz!! We won’t be seeing the health visitor now until the New Year and she will be piling it on as she’s started to drink about 5oz-6oz per feed.

My little baby is no longer. She’s almost double the size she was when she was first born!

Willow is also teething,she bites her hand constantly and if she can she will bite hard on your hand. She refuses to use teethers,so I guess they just don’t do it for her.

I recently recorded her on my phone and played it back to her,she laughed and talked back to herself! She thought she made a little thing and it was the cutest thing in the world.

On Christmas Day,she started rolling over! I was lucky enough to be there for the first attempts til she actually rolled and yes,I cried! It was the best Christmas gift I could’ve ever received.

(She turned 5 months on Thursday 28th December,so its just a summary of everything so far that I can think of)


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