Willow’s Six Month Update

If you haven’t already you can read Willow’s Five Month Update here. Where I’m 99% sure I got her age wrong. She is currently six month as I write this but she will be seven months on the day this is uploaded..I think. I lost count. I’m just going to start doing this shit the old fashioned way,where she turns a new month every 11th. Therefore,she will be seven months on the 11th..unless someone can work it out for me. Confused? Because same. Someone help me.

Anyway,moving on! New things she has been doing since the last update are insane. The difference between babies, just weeks apart, as they develop and grow is just insane. Babies are insane.


She can say “Mama” especially when she is crying. She says “Emma” or “Emmama”which is very clearly means she sees Emma as a second Mum.Duh. She also says “blahblahblah” but I don’t know if that counts as a word. She has started to say “Da” too,which absolutely melts my heart.

Willow has started crawling. She has her own unique way of doing it,where she pushes up on her feet and lunges forward. However,she can crawl flawlessly when getting to something she isn’t allowed like the fireplace.


She can now sit up! Don’t get me wrong she does fall,same with when shes crawling. She is still learning and loose her balance but I am genuinely amazed with how long she can hold herself up for.

Despite how young she is,she has started pulling herself up on people. When we’re lay in bed she will crawl over and pull herself up onto you. I just hope she doesn’t try to pull herself up on anything else just yet.

She sucks her dummy in a really weird way.Its a new habit,where she sucks it with her bottom lip poking out underneath..I can’t really describe it but picture for reference.



She is eating three meals a day and still having her usual intake of milk. At her last weigh in she was 13lbs 4oz and she is piling it on,I can tell because she is so damn heavy.

We do ‘row row row your boat’ and she screams on crocodile every single time..close enough.

She does “grabby hands” to anyone or anything she wants,which I find absolutely adorable.

She has these crisps from a brand called organix? I believe. She loves to sit and eat them,obviously supervised so she doesn’t choke but she loves making ‘yum’ noises whilst she eats anything.


When we refer to people or her (by name) she knows who they are and looks at them. For example “Do you want to go to Dada?” and she will either do her grabby hands to him or snuggle into whoever is holding her.


It is the cutest thing ever and I cannot deal.

She tries feeding herself and its very inconvenient and messy. Whether it be her milk or her baby food,it gets absolutely everywhere.

She laughs at the word ‘no’,so she 100% knows she’s not meant to be doing what we’re telling her no for.

Her latest obsession is with baby wipes. She loves playing with empty packets and loves emptying full ones. She also has an obsession with labels and has done since she was a little baby.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Her new favourite toy is of course the most irritating one. Its called “Beebo” and it sings and dances and it never ever shuts up.

She is a model baby! I know this has nothing to do with her development as such but I thought I’d include it as I’m so so excited. I modelled when I was a baby and my family have some really good pictures as a result so thats one of the reasons I wanted to do it. She had four agencies interested and wanting her but we signed with the closest one to us! I can’t wait to see what doors open etc as a result.

I have probably missed out so many things in this update as I forgot I was going to be doing these regularly,so I wrote this very last minute at the weekend. Hopefully the seven month update with be better!


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