Liquid Lipsticks By Chloe Ferry Swatches&Review.

Chloe Ferry is by far my favourite member of Geordie Shore,she is basically me as a person . She loves chicken nuggets,I love chicken nuggets. She’s an incredible dancer,I’m an incredible dancer. She gets a lil jealous,psycho and possessive,I get a lil jealous,psycho and possessive…you get the picture. Obviously,I FREAKED when I saw she had her own liquid lipsticks out. Liquid lipsticks are by far my most favourite formula and honestly, I only have 5 lipsticks that aren’t liquid.

I rapidly added three to my cart before they sold out. I tried to broaden my horizon and grab some very different shades as I usually stick to my nudes and browns.They are each £14.99, there is a variety of shades and they’re all cruelty free/vegan-which is always a nice bonus. I managed to pick up Beaut,Blush and Envy,which is the one I was hoping to get my hands on. I am in love with all three colours.

Firstly Beaut,described on the website as a classy red that is suitable for any occasion.  I’d describe its as a dark true red,its got a strong fragrance that I really can’t describe,its not an awful scent though. What you see in the tube is what you get when it is applied to the lips. Its extremely daring for me and I own nothing else like this but I am in love with it.

In terms application, I, as always, didn’t use a lipliner. I still don’t own a single one. I didn’t find I’d need one though as application was very easy. The formula dries quickly but not before you’re able to cover your entire lips. I would say more than one application is needed as it is a little bit patchy but its not that noticeable. It dries a darker shade of red which I expected but I am truly obsessed.

As for lasting,well..I struggled like an absolute bitch trying to get it off my lips. It. Would.Not. Budge. I was convinced my lips were permanently going to be this colour. If they had been,I wouldn’t have been the slightest bit bothered. I personally don’t mind that it was a chore to get off because it means when I’m kissing my boyfriend its not going to smudge or transfer!

Secondly, Blush! I was so excited for this shade as its a very gorgeous shade of pink. On the website,it describes Blush as their pinkest tone. Again, this is a very different shade for me as I don’t tend to reach for pinks but I’m chuffed af that I did. It also has that scent Beaut has..I still can’t work out how the hell to describe it. Unlike Beaut though,I’d say when applied on the lips it is slightly different to what you first see in the tube.

Looking at the product in the tube,I was expecting more of a dark matte pink shade and instead,ended up with a bright rose pink. The website wasn’t lying though,it did say it was their pinkest tone. It is very out there for me but one thing I noticed straight away,is how it makes my eyes look a much brighter shade of blue.

Again it was easy as pie to apply(I love a rhyme) and I only needed one coat. It was extremely soft on the lips and not patchy at all. Once it had dried,it remained a very similar rose coral pink and it didn’t feel like I had anything on my lips. This one was also on the difficult side to remove,but less so than Beaut as that is a much more intense dark shade. I’d wear this shade on a cute little picnic with my daughter whilst I wear a cute white summer dress. (Which won’t happen in the damn UK.)

Lastly, the one I was most excited for and the most me shade possible-Envy. I have to say this is my favourite in terms of name as well as colour. Envy. The website says this is their best selling shade and I can see why. It is perfect. It also happens to be the only one out of the three I purchased that is still available to purchase!

When I swatched Envy on my hand,straightaway I noticed this one was much runnier than the other two. Beaut and Blush are a slightly creamier consistency. This made me apply much carefully,I assumed as it was runnier it would bleed but it didn’t. I also assumed as it was runnier it may need a second or third application but just one did the trick! Envy did take longer to dry but I feel like that was better as I could easily go back and correct any mistakes. It also meant taking it off was a hell of a lot easier than the other two.

You can purchase Envy here.

I will definitely be picking more up from Chloe when I have chance,I’ve got my eyes set on Passion,Fever and Sass next!

I decided against uploading my swatches because they look SO different on my camera compared to in real life and I didn’t want to upload something that wasn’t true. I’m going to try and retake them in better lighting and then upload those here at a later date. I’ve been promising this review for over two weeks and every possible disaster including losing my camera charger as happened so I thought **** it theres swatches on the website. 


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