JSCXMANNY Collab Collection- Review&Swatches

Photo on 11-05-2017 at 19.39 #3

I apologise for my photo being backwards and shitty. I’m trying my best with my Macbook air photobooth whilst I save up for a new camera!

When I found out Jeffree Star and MannyMUA had done a collaboration,I screamed with excitement. Its no secret that I love Jeffree’s products and Manny’s collab with Ofra Cosmetics. It seemed like the perfect pairing to me. When they first went on sale I was unable to grab them in time but when I was browsing beautybay recently,to my surprise they had the entire collab in stock!

Without hesitation , I added all three items to my basket (along with a few other bits) and clicked checkout. They arrived just two days later and I couldn’t wait to test them out.  I rushed my base make up,eyeshadow etc just so I could get to the best part-highlight..obviously.

All the packaging is holographic and black which I love and has the traditional Jeffree Star logo and MannyMua’s Moon. I’m sure everyone knows by now what the names of the products are. The Skin Frost,Eclipse, is slightly smaller than the normal JS Skin Frosts but we all know they’re ridiculously huge so its no big deal. The moon and star are engraved on the highlight as the star usually is.

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I’d describe Eclipse as a frosty champagne blinding highlight. Its definitely more chunky and glittery that some other Skin Frosts I own but I still love it and have used it every day since I got it.

Daddy is a cool tone brown shade and its 100% a me shade so I had no doubts about the use I’d get.

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The other liquid lipstick,I’m shook, is a gorgeous darker coral shade. I was hesitant about this as I tend to stick to nudes and browns but holy shit I am so glad I got it! I’ve actually got more wear out of this one,which I didn’t expect!

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Both liquid lipsticks are incredibly creamy,velvety and matte-everything you want in a liquid lipstick right? Just one application is enough and when removing the product from the tube the perfect amount comes out so you don’t have to dip back in for more. These.Do.Not.Budge. I can wear these and kiss my boyfriend and not worry about it coming off or smudging!

Photo on 11-05-2017 at 20.18 #2

Just for reference these were taken on my very old Macbook Air photobooth and look at the pigmentation of those lipsticks and the highlight!!

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*Insert low quality unedited laptop photobooth selfies modelling the two lipsticks and highlight* (ALOS WHAT THE HELL ARE MY EYEBROWS!?I need them done ASAP)

There is a restock on the 13th (May) and it’ll be your last chance to grab them if you’re still undecided-grab them!!


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