All About My First Tattoo

I don’t know if ya’ll heard on my twitter yet but I got a tattoo!! I am honestly so so so happy with it!

It was total last minute, I got in my Dads car and he turned around and said “Let’s go get you a tattoo then.” So random and so unexpected but I am so thankful!

Naturally, I was extremely nervous. I had a bit of time to think before the tattoo guy came over, I’ve wanted tattoos since I was 13 so I wasn’t short on ideas. I decided on going for something small for my first one as I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with the pain. I also knew I wanted my first tattoo to be dedicated to Willow,after all she is the best thing that ever happened to me and I love her to absolute death.

(Excuse the side ways photo)

I went for classic Roman Numerals with her birthdate as I didn’t want anything over the top or crazy. I just wanted something simplistic that I could hide.

I got it on my arm and I really thought it was going to hurt. Plot twist- it didn’t. I didn’t even feel it,apart from when he was tattooing my boney wrist-that just felt like a sharp scratch.

I thought I’d be a mess. When I got my ear lobes pierced I cried and told the guy I was fine with just the one. He pierced the second one and I cried for 3 hours straight. With my tragus and helix I had panic attacks before hand and a shit tonne of freeze spray. I believe we used about 3 bottles on my ears alone!!

I don’t know if it’s my anxiety or if I’m a massive wuss but I just build it up in my mind so much but with this tattoo I really wasn’t bothered. I found the tattooing process really relaxing actually!

I have since had a bit of an accident with it, I banged it pretty forcefully and cut it open. Luckily,not too much damage was done and once it’s healed I can get the little damage tattooed over. It’s only obvious to me what’s wrong with it now.

The only thing that annoys me about it since getting it,is that depending on the angle of my arm it can look wonky and it just really annoys me! It’s straight to other people but because I can’t look at it straight on and have to bend my arm it looks wonky to me-if that makes any sense?

Obviously all my pictures are mirrored so in photos it’s the wrong way round! Just incase you didn’t know !!

I’d honestly give this a 0/5 on the pain scale! It didn’t bother me at all! Roll on the next tattoo!!



Mini Drugstore Make Up Haul 

I recently purchased some stuff from Superdrug and boots. I thought I’d share it because I’m trying to get back into this blogging malarkey. This is mainly Nyx and Make up revolution,which I find are good quality and affordable! (Nyx is drugstore…right?)

I am unaware of the prices as they were purchased two weeks ago so I apologise! I also want to apologise yet again for the poor photo quality,I took these on my phone as I’m still saving up for a new camera!

Starting with the face products I picked up as I find these the most boring! Oops.

I wanted to join the bandwagon and try these two foundations out. I’ve heard such incredible things,unfortunately the Maybelline Fit Me is too dark and I haven’t tested it yet. As for the L’Oréal infallible matte… I really wanted to love it and I don’t. I do like it though but it’s probably not going to get used.

I also saw the L’Orèal infallible mattifying primer and grabbed it as I don’t own any other primers other than the Maybelline baby skin..I haven’t tried that yet either as I’m going to use up my Maybelline one first.

Again, I only owned one powder (no points for guessing which one)and wanted to broaden my horizons a little bit.

Towards the end of the highschool years, I always used the Revlon photoready powder and decided to give it a whirl again. I still love it.

I once had the Rimmel Match perfection powder and my Mum decided to throw it away one time before I even ever used it? Naturally since I was trying out some powders I’d get this one again. I like it a lot for setting under eyes but in all honesty..I don’t know any difference with powders…they’re just powders to me.

Lastly, I got the Make Up Revolution Luxury Banana Powder. I got this online and mainly because for the longest time I’ve wanted to try the Ben Nye Banana Powde but this one cost like £5 sooo. I ain’t tried it yet though.

Concealers are not something I’m short of..however, light concealers for my pale ass skin- I am. I purchased these online and they’re both too dark so wooooo! These are the Maybelline Fit Me and Rimmel Wake Me up.

Luckily,I’ve actually started fake tanning!! Which means my dark foundations and concealers are going to be useful! YAY. (Only tanned once so far but it’s a start).

Next are “other face products” I don’t know what else to call this lil bit so go with it.

Also the pictures are upside down and I’m too lazy to turn them. Sorry!!

Firstly,perhaps one of my most favourite things I’ve purchased recently..the Nyx powder contour and highlighting palette. It is incredible and become a part of my everyday routine!

I also got this eyeshadow palette online too! The Salvation palette from Make Up Revolution. It comes with 8 matte shades and 12 shimmer shades. 

My only critique would be that some of the shimmers are a bit chunky but for £8?? It’s honestly beautiful and very pigmented!

This might be the best thing I got (aside from a highlighter) it’s the Make Up Revolution Camouflage Correcting palette!

I’m not entirely sure what’s for what to be honest. I’ve looked it up so many times and I just struggle to remember.

I use the green for my red skin and pimples and it makes such a massive difference with coverage etc! Another product that’s become an everyday step.

My most favourite thing ever! The Make Up Revolution Unicorn Hearts Highlight!!! Firstly, I love rainbows and unicorns, I saw it and needed it?

The packaging first of all is just perfect! It’s a heart for f**** sake!! How cute! Then the writing is holographic and then it’s a bloody rainbow inside!!

It really isn’t the best picture and it does not give it justice but as this was taken on an old IPhone 5 I think it looks pretty good. In person,it’s honestly breath taking.

I was confused on how the hell I was going to wear it but when blended on the skin it becomes a gorgeous silvery shade with pink,purple and blue reflexs.

I believe it was £3! So go get it and feel like a magical unicorn princess every day!

I picked up two eyeliners. One by Collection and the Nyx epic ink liner. The collection one is much thicker than the Nyx one which is why I got both. I figured I could use the collection one for a nice thick wing and the Nyx one for the rest of my eye. However, I’ve been using the Nyx one on its own and being getting some pretty fleeky results 💅🏻

(The pic is so bad again but it’s the only one that hasn’t been all over twitter!)

I also picked up a whole variety of Nyx lipsticks! I brought these separately over the course of a month or so but wanted to include them in this.

L-R Sorbet Butter Gloss, Orange County Liquid Suede,Tea&Cookies Liquid Suede, Soft Spoken Liquid Suede, Teddy Liquid Lingerie, Baby Doll Liquid Lingerie, Bedtime Flirt Liquid Lingerie and lastly, two lip liners in Baby Pink and Plum!

The Lingerie ones are 100% my favourites and I want to invest in the whole collection. Nudes and browns are my favourite lipsticks to wear and these are perfect!

I also really love the Liquid Suede formula and surprisingly my favourite one is Orange County! When I brought it I had no idea how bright it actually was but I really love it. I own nothing else like it so it has a special place away from all my nude shades on it own😂

Thank you so much for reading if you made it to the end! Let me know if you buy any of these things for yourself and what products I should buy/try next!


Willow’s Ninth Month Update

This month Willow has been having a lot of firsts.She played in sand and the paddling for the first time and she had the best time ever,she was so excited!

She’s picked up the speed with her crawling and she’s started standing up on her own two feet with no support.

She has also started doing little dances and its the darn cutest thing I ever did see.

Being the little cheeky monkey she is she is always in everything and opening the drawers.

Her new favourite toy is a laalaa from the teletubbies soft toy,it talks and frankly its really creepy. Her favourite game is knocking down tower blocks and laughing at me in the process.

She’s finally started feeding herself her bottles! She would rather not though,of course.

Apparently she has forgotten the word ‘Mama’ since the last update and she’s always saying ‘Dada’ so alrighty then(!)

But my Einstein says so many words now,its actually hard to keep up! Some of them are hi,hiya,bye,yeah,no,Dada,Mama,Emma, Drink, DinDin and ‘whats that?’

When asked if she has done a poo,she will lie and say no then laugh as she crawls at super speed to hide behind the sofa.

She has started pointing at everyone and everything,its absolutely adorable and she loses it and starts laughing like crazy when you point back at her.

Food wise,she really really loves pasta! Her wee italian side is showing (Her Dad,not me unfortunately)

Speaking of her italian side, I AM SO JEALOUS OF HOW WELL SHE TANS. WHAT THE HECK?!

A few days ago,she kept going behind the sofa, I eventually moved it to see what was soooo interesting that she had to keep going there. Turns out-she had a secret stash of her snack foods from earlier that day and kept going back when she wanted them..

If you read the Eighth Month Update, you’ll know she kept passing out. The past month,she’s only passed out twice as opposed to the passing out daily as she was doing back then! As for the dimple at the bottom of her spine,we still haven’t heard back with a hospital appointment.

Our health visitor finally weighed her and she weighs 16lb 3oz! She also mentioned that Willow is really advanced for her age and I feel like the proudest Mama on earth.

She’s also being booked in for an eye test as she has a bit of a lazy eye and a hearing test as routine due to my own hearing loss!

Its so mad how babies have personalities from the first day and as a parent you can just tell instantly what their likes and dislikes are. Willow has never been much of a cryer and that still stands to this day. She will accidentally smack herself in the face and not give a shit,then I’ll be sat there trying to hold back tears.

I would also like to mention that I do keep some stuff to myself in terms of what she does as I don’t feel like sharing every little accomplishment and achievement but I do tweet daily about her and shes always on my snapchat doing cute stuff!


All About My Sexuality

Understandly, sexuality can be an extemely difficult thing to deal with growing up when apart of the LGBTQ+ community.  There is so much stigma around it.

When I was in highschool, I was so confused. I fancied guys and girls but often dismissed it down to “girl crushes”. I dated two guys during my time in highschool and just kept it to myself.

I remember a girl coming out as Bi and I admired her for how brave she was. She admitted later on that she wasn’t but just wanted guys to find her more attractive.(is that a thing?)

I never fancied any of the girls in highschool but I did kiss a few at parties and stuff but I think I have a type when it comes to girls and none of them were it.

I left highschool at 14/15 and avoided human contact until I went to college at 16. I met a girl there and long story short,I really liked her. I’d just come out of an on/off four/five year relationship but there was literally no denying it.

I got to know her first before we started dating. We were never anything officially but it confirmed for me what my sexuality was. I left college after a month and never saw her again,I don’t even remember her damn name soo…

I don’t remember ever telling my Mum or Sister and if I did I don’t recall how it went down but for me family was the hardest thing.

I come from a very traditional family(on my Mums side) everyone is straight,married with kids and there’s a lot of morals involved almost like rules. Mental health wasn’t something people in my family spoke about openly and my Mums divorce to my Dad wasn’t discussed outside the family either.

Pretty sure no one in my family before me had a kid outside of wedlock(lol).

We’re all christened but I wouldn’t say we necessarily follow the religion. We did go to church a lot growing up though.

Fast forward to just before I met my baby daddy.I don’t know how this conversation popped up but I was moving house and my Grandma was helping.

All I remember us stood in the livingroom surrounded by boxes and me telling her I liked both genders. Her response?

“Oh well I knew it would be you. There’s one in every family.”

I’d been so anxious for no reason tbh. Everyone was super cool with it.

My Dads side of the family,including my Dad,still don’t know. I’m very nervous about telling him for many many reasons. I might just send him this post .

Hi Dad, I’m bisexual xo

I know not everyone’s family has the same positive response to them coming out and I’m so sorry. I wish we lived in a world where we could all just be who we want,love who we want and we could all just put out differences aside and live in peace with eachother.

My only advice if you’re coming out/putting it off..whether you’re gay or trans etc is do it when you’re ready. Don’t feel pressured to do so,do it in your own time. If you don’t get the reaction you’re hoping for,give them time to come around. If they don’t come around,fuck them off because you deserve to be happy loving whoever you want.

I thought to end this post it’d be fun to share some of the idiotic comments I’ve received. Enjoy xo

– How do you have a kid if you’re bi?

This is my favourite one. I genuinely enjoy have no words.


– Slut. I can’t believe you literally fancy everyone. Pick gay or straight and stop hopping in between.

– Does that mean you fancy me? If you like girls?

No hun. I have standards xoxo

– Bet you used to perv on all the girls in P.E in highschool!

HAHAHAHA I didn’t even do P.E.

One family member did actually say something about “as long as I don’t marry a girl it’s fine”  if I were to marry a girl this person can fuck off. Be happy or leave my life.

I’d also like to point out I can say a friend or stranger (either gender) is/looks beautiful/hot and not fancy them.

I can compliment someone sincerely and not fancy them.

That is all for this badly written ranty post!!

I wrote this months ago and had to edit parts where I mentioned my ex including “being certain I was going to marry him” lols at me, so this post is now super super short and I hate it.


Donating My Eggs At 19?

Hi guys,

That is so weird. I literally never say hi, I just jump right in with the post usually but this post felt like it needed a little introduction.

On June 2nd 2017, I saw an advert on Facebook about Egg Donors. I don’t know why but I felt drawn and just needed to click on it. I read the comments filled with peoples stories of infertility and I was heartbroken. Some of these stories didn’t have happy endings but others said egg donations enabled them to become parents.

I remembered the day the two lines showed up on my pregnancy test,that instant need to protect Willow set in. The first time I saw her on the scan and the disbelief that my own tiny human baby was growing inside me. Finally,the day she was born and placed in my arms for the first time,that instant connection,overwhelming love and forever bond.

I thought about that and how amazing it is to become a parent. I then imagined what it would be like to not be able to because of the menopause or infertility.

I thought about my Mum and the struggle she went through to get pregnant with me. I might not have been there but my parents had been together from 17, she was trying for years after they wed and didn’t conceive me until she was 28 thanks to a fertility drug. (She has four of us now!)

Unfortunately,fertility drugs and IVF don’t work for everyone and an egg or sperm donor is another way to have that forever love.

I’ve always said if a family member or a friend needed a surrogate then I’d do it in an absolute heartbeat. No hesitation. Hell, I’d do it for an absolute stranger if the timing was right.

Why should donating eggs be any different to that? I still get to help people do the greatest role of all..minus the pregnancy.

I read the websites FAQ and found out the answers to all my questions. It was absolutely something I needed and wanted to do. I had this idea that if I could help someone,whether it was one family or ten (ten families is the limit each donor has)then I was going to bloody do it. Nothing was going to stop me from helping other families grow.

This in no way changes any future plans I have to grow my own family and give Willow siblings some day. I still intend on having 3 or more of my own but whilst I’m not expanding my brood..I can help others start and complete theres and I think theres something extremely beautiful about that.

As for people who think I’ll have children all up and down the world by doing this..you’re extremely wrong. I personally believe to be a parent, you have to do the raising and nurturing. You have to be there for milestones and birthdays,the falls and the fallouts. I would just be the donor helping these people become Mum’s and Dad’s.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 01.08.11

Screenshot from manchesterdonors.com

I ended up applying after receiving the backing of my Mum and boyfriend. I’m currently waiting to hear back with my first appointment! Fingers crossed everything goes well and I can continue with this incredible journey.