All About My Sexuality

Understandly, sexuality can be an extemely difficult thing to deal with growing up when apart of the LGBTQ+ community.  There is so much stigma around it.

When I was in highschool, I was so confused. I fancied guys and girls but often dismissed it down to “girl crushes”. I dated two guys during my time in highschool and just kept it to myself.

I remember a girl coming out as Bi and I admired her for how brave she was. She admitted later on that she wasn’t but just wanted guys to find her more attractive.(is that a thing?)

I never fancied any of the girls in highschool but I did kiss a few at parties and stuff but I think I have a type when it comes to girls and none of them were it.

I left highschool at 14/15 and avoided human contact until I went to college at 16. I met a girl there and long story short,I really liked her. I’d just come out of an on/off four/five year relationship but there was literally no denying it.

I got to know her first before we started dating. We were never anything officially but it confirmed for me what my sexuality was. I left college after a month and never saw her again,I don’t even remember her damn name soo…

I don’t remember ever telling my Mum or Sister and if I did I don’t recall how it went down but for me family was the hardest thing.

I come from a very traditional family(on my Mums side) everyone is straight,married with kids and there’s a lot of morals involved almost like rules. Mental health wasn’t something people in my family spoke about openly and my Mums divorce to my Dad wasn’t discussed outside the family either.

Pretty sure no one in my family before me had a kid outside of wedlock(lol).

We’re all christened but I wouldn’t say we necessarily follow the religion. We did go to church a lot growing up though.

Fast forward to just before I met my baby daddy.I don’t know how this conversation popped up but I was moving house and my Grandma was helping.

All I remember us stood in the livingroom surrounded by boxes and me telling her I liked both genders. Her response?

“Oh well I knew it would be you. There’s one in every family.”

I’d been so anxious for no reason tbh. Everyone was super cool with it.

My Dads side of the family,including my Dad,still don’t know. I’m very nervous about telling him for many many reasons. I might just send him this post .

Hi Dad, I’m bisexual xo

I know not everyone’s family has the same positive response to them coming out and I’m so sorry. I wish we lived in a world where we could all just be who we want,love who we want and we could all just put out differences aside and live in peace with eachother.

My only advice if you’re coming out/putting it off..whether you’re gay or trans etc is do it when you’re ready. Don’t feel pressured to do so,do it in your own time. If you don’t get the reaction you’re hoping for,give them time to come around. If they don’t come around,fuck them off because you deserve to be happy loving whoever you want.

I thought to end this post it’d be fun to share some of the idiotic comments I’ve received. Enjoy xo

– How do you have a kid if you’re bi?

This is my favourite one. I genuinely enjoy have no words.


– Slut. I can’t believe you literally fancy everyone. Pick gay or straight and stop hopping in between.

– Does that mean you fancy me? If you like girls?

No hun. I have standards xoxo

– Bet you used to perv on all the girls in P.E in highschool!

HAHAHAHA I didn’t even do P.E.

One family member did actually say something about “as long as I don’t marry a girl it’s fine”  if I were to marry a girl this person can fuck off. Be happy or leave my life.

I’d also like to point out I can say a friend or stranger (either gender) is/looks beautiful/hot and not fancy them.

I can compliment someone sincerely and not fancy them.

That is all for this badly written ranty post!!

I wrote this months ago and had to edit parts where I mentioned my ex including “being certain I was going to marry him” lols at me, so this post is now super super short and I hate it.


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