Willow’s Eleventh Month Update

Another month,another update. Where to begin?

She says Poopoo now when she poos then either crawls up to me to be changed or crawls as fast as she can to get away,giggling her little head off.

She doesn’t like anyone else feeding her. Miss Independent likes to feed herself with the spoon or her fingers but still doesn’t mind you feeding her bottles.

She had a ladybug baby pool played in it outside once. We got some ballpit balls and took it inside for that and she got a bit excited,dived into the balls and popped the pool.

She likes to throw everything everywhere,make a mess and yell. She’s also started having tantrums which involve throwing herself on the floor and screaming..I didn’t think this started for a while.

Walking is still step by step,tbh she just prefers crawling and if I had the choice I would also choose crawling. Laziness runs in the family.

My sister is convinced,Willow now says her name..”Olivia” -she doesn’t.

She does however still say Emma and that holds such a special place in my heart.

She smirks whenever someone else is getting told off.

She hates my sister,she is literally always biting,smacking and screaming at my sister. I find it funny tbh.

She tries to copy the animals noises out of her little book and its adorable,I cant wait for her to say ‘meow’ I really hope she does that soon because n’aww. (Cats ftw)

She still lives for Peppa Pig and I cannot wait for her to be old enough to hate it. I hope its still around when she has children 🙂

She loves to turn the TV off or turn the volume up to 100. How she knows which buttons to press blows my mind but she laughs as shes doing it.

If we tell her no,she looks at us-laughs and continues to do it. Shes honestly a little troublemaker.

She is also a massive diva. If she doesn’t get her own way or if shes concentrating really hard on something and can’t do it…cue tantrums.

We got her pull ups! She learnt how to take regular nappies off so we invested in these and they honestly help so so much.

The yelling and screaming…well,she used to love going to the cafe and loved old people coming up to her and telling her she is cute and beautiful,she just loves the attention..now she just screams at them or tries to bite them.

We had an emergency hospital appointment,if you follow me on social media you will know already but for those who don’t. Willow had a fit,we took her in and they kept her over night to do some test. She was so unbelievably brave when they took her blood and did her heart monitoring,she didn’t pull at the wires or cry once-she just wasn’t bothered whatsoever..I was crying though. They were going to do a brain scan the next morning but as they had her on a monitor all night,they decided that actually she was fine and it was probably nothing.

She hasn’t had a fit since.

I really need to write these as each thing happens because as usual I’ve left it to the end of the month and my mind has hit a blank on little things she has done but I get so busy being a Mum that it escapes my little brain.

On the day this is uploaded,she is having her first birthday and a princess themed party. I cannot believe its been a whole year since my beautiful,life changing and life saving miracle entered the world.

I can’t even put into words how surreal it feels,I want my tiny little baby back and that moment I held her in my arms for the first time to just pause that little longer. It goes by so fast.

I will have a whole entire post on her first birthday and then a 12 month update. After those two posts I think I may not do anymore Willow related posts. I’m not 100% decided yet but I’ve got a lot to consider!


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