Willow’s First Birthday

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 15.29.13.png


and in the blink of an eye,she is now one years old.

I don’t know how this post is going to go. I feel so emotional that my once tiny 6lbs 4oz baby has now been here for one whole year. To think she went from being this mini human that did nothing but sleep and eat,that I was too afraid to carry up and downstairs and bathe incase I dropped her into this fully fledge super hyperactive troublemaker,who never rests and still always eats.

Our journey together has been one hell of a roller coaster and I’d have it no other way. From seeing those two lines on the test,to seeing a little bean on a screen and holding her for the first time.

I wish that moment lasted a little longer as she was placed in my arms for the first time. I couldn’t believe she was here. I cannot believe its been an entire year since we first met each other. A whole 365 days with my best friend. She is my everything. She’s my strength when I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. She’s my little light in my dark times. It doesn’t matter how low I am,she always manages to make me smile and laugh.Its true what they say about a mothers love being the strongest form of love. Since having Willow, I have so much more appreciation for my own Mum and Willow adores her super Grandma. I don’t think I would’ve managed this year without my Mums constant unconditional support and help.

For her first birthday,we ended up doing a three day celebration. We started on Friday 11th (the day she was born). I spent the night before putting up decorations and laying all her presents on the table so it would be the first thing she saw. I honestly couldn’t wait to see her little face. At Christmas she was too young to acknowledge and appreciate it but now she was big enough to rip open the gifts herself.

I asked my Mum to bring her downstairs in the morning, so I could video her coming through the door and I am so glad I did. Her little face when she saw everything is another one of those moments I won’t ever forget and wish I could pause. She obviously didn’t completely understand but she was still excited either way. She kept clapping her hands and smiling with her two bottom teeth.

We spent the day playing with her new toys,she was so so spoilt. She got some pretty awesome toys to be honest including a drum,which is everything we didn’t know we needed for her. She absolutely adores it. We were going to go out for the day but Willow wasn’t very well that morning,she was being sick and not eating-which for her is very strange!

Late in the afternoon,family came to visit with their gifts and its safe to say my Grandparents went a bit nuts and brought the biggest things they could find. They also got her a specific toy that she fell in love with at Sainsbury’s,she goes there every week with my Grandparents  as they like to go to the cafe and Willow plays with this one toy in the kids section. Its a cookie jar with shapes that plays music,my lil smarty pants knows which shapes go where and she will sit there for ages just putting the shapes in and taking them out again.Doing it over and over again,she also hates other people touching it and will smack your hand away if you dare go near it.

We had a little cake after her dinner and it was the cutest thing ever. Another moment I just want to relive over and over with her. She looked terrified of the candle then out of nowhere went to grab it and got the giggles. I happened to capture her face when she saw the candle and its so funny.

The Saturday was her princess party,we spent all morning decorating the house and preparing the food. I only know one person IRL who has children so they came and then six other people as well. Our house is only tiny so it was very cramped and crowded . This is also the day Peppa Pig over took my entire life. I didn’t realise how much Peppa Pig stuff there actually is in the world but take one peek into my livingroom window and you’ll get a brief idea. So many Peppa Pig cards,books,stuffed toys,clothes and even a Peppa Pig backpack..we have one very happy one year old and thats all that matters. (As I’m writing this she is watching Peppa Pig of course)

She was very unsure/shy and whenever she got used to the people around,more would arrive and she would be back into shy mode. Do not be fooled tho,she is very far from shy! She managed to fight nap time for quite a while before finally falling asleep before the rest of our guest arrived.

After her nap,she opened more gifts from people that had arrived during her nap. Then..my friends little boy kept taking her dummy out of her mouth. She would cry,he would panic and shove it back in. At one point,he thought her dummy was her baby brothers and then he took her dummy again,and gave her a KISS. One going on sixteen over here. I am still in  shock. Nah but in all honesty it was absolutely adorable,Willow wasn’t impressed.

My friends seven week old baby also came and I have never changed my mind so fast. Since having Willow, I’ve said I won’t have more as I had such a bad pregnancy and labour but holding a lil baba again and seeing how gentle Willow was with him made me burst and now I need all the babies. I’m gonna have fifty.

We totally forgot to do the cake when the guest were here so we ended up doing it later on and it was a Peppa Pig cake. Willow loved it more than anything.

Sunday, we went to my Dads side of the family. Once again,she was spoilt rotten. She got a pink princess play tent which I think is extremely appropriate and more Peppa pig stuff. She also got her first baby doll which she loves cuddling and then throwing on the floor to laugh at.

My Dad,his girlfriend,her granddaughter,my sister,Willow and I went to the park. We took my Aunties dog and spent some time on the swings,slides etc. All I learnt from this experience is I’m not as small as I thought I was and going on a slide with a baby on your knee is so much hassle,she had a blast tho and her lil face was so worth it.

Those few days making unforgettable,irreplaceable memories were so damn perfect. She was none stop smiling because she just knew those days were all about her and she knows she is a perfect lil princess.

I wish I could spam all the photos from her birthday because she looks absolutely adorable in every single photo but certain individuals don’t deserve to see what she got up to.

Next week,we’re heading on our first holiday together and I am so excited for so many more firsts. She’s going to be swimming for the first time,going to the beach etc then we’re going to the zoo when we come back, I can’t wait! Making memories with my girl makes me the happiest person on the damn planet. Just seeing her excitement and curiosity is just everything. Its time to see what the next year brings for my little angel and I,loads more adventures I’m sure.


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