Expectations VS Reality Of Motherhood

This post is inspired by my lovely friend Becca over at myselfandjake.wordpress.com! You can read her version of this post here.

My expectations vs reality are the same as Rebecca’s to be honest so here goes:

When I was pregnant,I vowed to be in the gym and have my pre baby body back by the time my baby was six months old. My baby has just turned one, I ain’t even seen the inside of a gym and I am double my original dress size so thats always fun. To be fair though,I’m not that bothered because my butt is bigger and thats always a good thing. Also my body carried my best friend for 9 months,my stretch marks,mum tum etc are just constant reminders of how awesome my body is.

I promised I wouldn’t post a million photos of my baby on social media. I remember always being so irritated by other peoples daily baby posts but now I’m always hearting everyones shit to do with their kiddies because being a Mummy is the best,most rewarding thing ever and their pride and joys deserve recognition and all the love in the world. I currently don’t post photos of Willow due to privacy reasons but on my private Facebook I post photos all the time still because I just want to share her cuteness with everyone.

Another thing Becca mentioned in her post was having her Jake in a routine. I was the same with Willow . I was all “when shes here,we will be in bed by 8pm and wake at 8am.We will do bath,book and bed every single night. Until recently her routine was honestly shite. She has always had the most perfect routine at ours but then she would go to her Dads and it would go to shit. We’d spend the week getting her routine back and by the time we did,she was back at her fathers. Since he left us both,her routine is top notch and better than ever. I couldn’t be prouder of her or myself for sticking to it.

I wanted to be one of those instagram Mum’s like Amber Fillerup or Acacia Brinley. How they manage to look like solid 10s daily with children is beyond me. I forget to brush my hair because I am so preoccupied with getting Willow ready. I never have enough time to do my make up because for me,its all or nothing so I constantly look like a mombie. I can never find clothes that match because Willow needs my constant attention but as long as shes clean,looking cute whats it matter? Selfies are a thing of the past now anyways and my camera roll is just Willow,Willow,Willow and a few of my cat.

This was just a quick fun blogpost for today as I start getting back into the swing of blogging! Hopefully my next ones will be better.



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