Fenty Beauty (Primer And Foundation) Review

Hi,I usually don’t do introductions to my blog but I feel like I need to put a lil update here before we jump into it. I ain’t blogged in SO long but I really do want to get back into it. I currently can’t blog about Willow,which is kind of what my entire blog is on..so I’m a little stumped for ideas. I dabble in beauty/make up here and there so I figured  as my passion and love for make up is next level I’d give it a go. I love make up more than I’ve ever loved anyone (except for Willow of course)so it makes sense to me! Tweet me/dm me any ideas/posts you’d like to see make up wise!

Moving on,I know everyone and their Uncle are currently reviewing Rihanna’s make up line but I couldn’t contain my excitement or happiness with this brand. Although I only picked up two products,I feel like the product most people want to know about is the foundation. I was originally going to do a first impressions but I couldn’t put off trying it so I ended up doing it over on snapchat instead.

Honestly,I have no idea where a Harvey Nichols store is near me and frankly,trying to find time to go with Willow is harder than it may seem sooooo I bit the bullet and ordered them online. It didn’t take much persuading to be perfectly honest.I watched Jamie Genevieve’s video on it first and she had me sold,then I watched a few youtubers similar to my skin tone just to get a better idea of what shade to go for and the rest is history.

I spent £56 in total for both products and shipping which I’m not mad about. I justified it as my birthday (now been and gone) was the following day. (I am adult. Woo.)

When it arrived I freaked out at the packaging because its gorgeous..I seem to have a little problem with hoarding packaging but its fine because its cute..right?Right?

Anyhow the actual bottles that the product comes in is weighty and feels expensive. I unintentionally did the “kid test” where Willow ran off with them,banged them on the coffee table and dropped them-no damage whatsoever aha.

I originally swatched them on my hand because I really wanted to do a first impressions but I couldn’t wait to slap it all onto my face and be an airbrushed goddess.

I picked up the primer because in every damn youtube video I watched they applied the primer first and I was paranoid it might make a difference with the foundation..so yeah..but I’m super happy I picked it up. When I applied it on my hand my first impression was that it was super soft..it felt silky? and it smells so so good. I literally sat there sniffing it for ages because I love the smell,not everyone will like it but I do.

Later that night, I put it on my face after I caved and could no longer wait to play with my new babies and I kid you not,it blurred my face. My skin has been absolutely terrible since little dramas in my life and this baby just made it all disappear. It reminded me of the benefit professional in the way it blurred my pores. I feel like you could wear it on its own,if you don’t fancy wearing make up but want a tiny bit of coverage/an “invisibility cloak” on your breakouts/pores to hide some redness etc.

It left my face feeling amazing,I find with most primers my face feels silicone-y or sticky but this just felt soft. I am so bad at describing stuff..why do I even bother? Jeez.

On to the most important thing..the foundation. There are 40 shades raging from really pale,catering for people with albinism and super dark with every shade and undertone in between. I also heard she is releasing 40 more shades in the *near* future! So massive props to Rihanna for this alone.

I am so pale its unreal. I literally look like paper. I went for the shade 110,which I believe is the 3rd lightest shade and when it arrived, I took one look at the shade printed on the packaging and thought it would be too dark..I was broken but oh how wrong I was. For the first time in my life I can say I found a perfect match.

I heard people say the foundation oxidises but for me personally,it made the foundation match even better to my skin-if that makes sense? I’ve never owned a matte foundation before as I have very dry skin and always thought it would cling to my dry patches..I actually feel as though the Pro Filtr foundation was carved and crafted by the gods.

Its supposed to be a bulidable medium to full coverage foundation but unlike most full coverage foundations it doesn’t feel cakey or give me the urge to take it all off. In actual fact,I’d say it just feels like skin. I didn’t need to build it up but decided to just to test it out some more and no matter how much I built it,it didn’t feel heavy. It left my skin looking flawless and airbrushed which is exactly what I want.

For reference I’m NW10 in Mac or at least thats the shade I use as I’ve never been matched to be honest but it works for me!

I only left it on for about two hours before hopping into the shower but I’m honestly in love and looking at everyone elses reviews etc it lasts for a very long time! If you’re contemplating splashing out on Rihanna’s products just do it! You will not regret!

*Photos to come later as I have to upload them off my phone-yay(!) but you can look up swatches etc on google images or watch some reviews on youtube!


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