Soph X Revolution First Impressions & Swatches

Recently one of my favourite youtubers, Sophdoesnails,announced she was releasing her own two palettes with the make up brand Revolution. I actually cried when I saw her announcement video because you could really see how much it meant to her and how hard she worked. I truly believe there is no one more deserving of this opportunity.

As a fellow Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande fan, my favourite shades in the eyeshadow palette on first glance were Pink Champagne and Sparks Fly. They are so beautiful. In fact,the whole palette is beautiful and genuinely just me in a palette..not that I’m saying I’m beautiful but basically there isn’t one colour I won’t reach for. The variety of shades,the many looks you can make from this baby-its my favourite palette since I received it.

I ordered them both and they took ages to come because I wasn’t in when they delivered first time and I was so so so annoyed. I was counting down to the day,the exact hour that I would be able to play with them,so that’ll teach me for “popping out”. I tortured myself by watching everyone else’s tutorials and reviews just desperate to be frank.

When they arrived I couldn’t wait to swatch them but my baby had other ideas and chose to throw the eyeshadow palette on the floor. (Noticing a pattern with her guys?Always throwing my new make up on the floor-she is a climber okay.) but guess what? IT DIDN’T BREAK. Hardcore baby proof packaging,god bless you Soph.

LOOK AT THESE SWATCHES. It is a £10 palette and so pigmented. You may have to build a few of the lighter shades but who’s complaining about that when its so affordable?

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 18.48.22

L-R: Penguin,Pancakes,Fairy Lights,Pink Champagne,Iced Coffee,Cuppa Tea,Grow Old,Sparks Fly,Smokey Broze,Mized Berries,Tiramisu and peaches.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 18.48.56


L-R:  Cloudberry, Pumpkin, Pine Tree,Petrol,Pug,Danger,Strawberry Sweets,Festive Flame,Copper Coin,Mug Cake,Rosewood and Nightmare.

I absolutely love every single shade. Danger is calling my name,I can’t wait to create looks with it. I’m so boring but I always use red eyeshadows,Violet Voss Holy Grail and ABH Modern Renaissance are my go yeah I’m so very creative.

I can’t wait to have five minutes to experiment with all the different colours and create some more adventurous looks, I want to bathe in the gold shades. The shade Petrol is one of my favourites,in the pan it looks blue/grey but is actually a gorgeous duo chrome shade with reflects of purple in it.


The highlight palette..I was kinda nervous about it. I built it up in my head that I’d only use the white shade because I am that pale but my favourite shade is actually the forth one across,which was so unexpected because it’s darker. I am actually in love. Its much creamier and more matte that the baked ones. I want to say no sparkles but more of a glossy wet look highlight.( I don’t know I’m not a MUA or anything so I don’t know the correct terms or anything but hopefully you grasp what I mean.) There are two of these,one more subtle sparkly highlight and the rest are baked highlights.

These have no names and my swatches were that terrible that I took this photo off Sophs twitter instead.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 18.51.03

Then there was a restock and I bought another one of each palette for a lil giveaway because I know everyone wants to get their hands on these palettes. (Still waiting for these to arrive and then I’ll tweet about it @xleahprescottx)

Once I’ve created some looks with the palettes,I’ll add them to this post but having a small baby human and trying to do make up is so difficult.

Better Reviews & Swatches :




Note: I was so excited to use all my new blog flatlays etc and put insane effort into my blog like other bloggers but ended up using my Macbook photobooth because Willow broke my camera as one of my brothers gave it her to play with when I wasn’t around-yay for siblings. Hopefully,I can get my camera fixed asap and update the photos in this post,I just really wanted to get this up and keep blogging as its a good distraction for me and something I love to do.



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