20th Birthday Haul

On September 12th I turned twenty!! I thought I’d share what I got,I’ve been well and truly spoilt this year and I am very lucky. The majority of stuff I received is make up as that is what I love and am passionate about. I really want to expand my lil collection as I love playing with make up when I have some spare time and practicing,improving etc . I hope to one day to train with a very specific person aka my make up idol so I gotta get saving.

First up,I got myself the Soph X Revolution palettes. I did a review and included some (extremely bad) swatches in a blogpost here. I also have a giveaway of both palettes over on twitter @xleahprescottx until the 22nd October!


I’ve wanted the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette for so long and I am pleased to say I finally got my hands on it!! I am so glad I was able to pick it up with my birthday money because I swear I’ve been eyeing it up for 1000 years. I love all the colours and can’t wait to start playing with it properly. I have to say I really love the box that it comes in with the holographic eyes. I love it and its joined my “keep this make up box/packaging because its cute” draw. I’ve also seen the new Desert Dusk one and now I kinda need that one too.


I was also lucky enough to receive the Violet Voss X Nicol Concilio eyeshadow palette. I haven’t had chance to experiment yet as it only just arrived but the swatches are insane. The Violet Voss Holy Grail is one of my most used palettes so I’m expecting big things this baby. Again,the packaging has joined my “keep this make up box/packaging because its cute” draw. I am such a weirdo,why keep it? Its never going to get used again?I don’t understand at all.


With the rest of my birthday money, I picked up five of the Nyx glitter pigments in rose,bronze,copper,ice and red ( I think). They haven’t arrived yet so I’m not 100% on all the shade names anymore but I am very excited. I forgot to order glitter glue though so I won’t be using them for awhile-oops.

I also repurchased the Benefit Porefessional and Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer as they’re my favourite things ever and I don’t know how to do my make up without them to be honest.

My friend also got me MAC Select Cover Up and Spice lipliner. I know my make up idol raves about Select Cover Up so I’m very excited to see what it works like for me.

(I am very excited about all this new make up!! Can you tell? Its all I’m bloody saying lol.)

I also got two blush palettes from Make Up Revolution. I am not a blush girl at all but I really want to be,these are actually the first blushes I’ve owned since highschool. I thought getting blush palettes would be better as purchasing indvidual shades,although there is a few on my list, as there is a variety of colours to play with and hopefully one of them will hold my perfect blush shade.

In fact, I got a whole bunch of new products from Make Up Revolution so that can literally be a whole other post…look out for that!

My Dad and his girlfriend got me two sprays from Victoria Secret,I can’t tell you what ones they are because I forgot but they smell so good. One of them is orange with cheetah print on the bottle and I’ve never seen those ones around before! I actually collect the VS sprays so this made me super duper exci-happy. It made me very happy.

My Mum is giving me money towards my next tattoo,which is a little more on the pricey side..oops. Speaking of tattoos @teacupbambi on twitter is also designing another very special tattoo for me in honour of my friend Emma,who past away earlier this year. (Go check out her designs they’re so good!!)

My Grandma and Grandad got me some really cute tops and my other Grandma gave me some money which will go towards my tattoo too. Some of my other pals gave me money too,which again will go towards my tattoo-I think unless I have enough.. then I’ll put it aside to go towards my dream make up course instead.

I think thats about everything,I’m sure I missed stuff out but I’m writing this almost two weeks later(also editing it a month later so yeah) I’m so so sorry if you got me something and I didn’t mention it!! I promise I love absolutely everything I got and I am super duper thankful and grateful!

(I used photos off google again as my camera is still broken!! Sorry if you thought my photography skills got better,we ain’t that lucky. Credit to whoevers photos they are! As its October I figured I’d get this up asap as its already been a month. I will change the photos once my camera is fixed!!)


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