The Care Box Review

I haven’t blogged in a little while as I’m taking a break to focus on my little miss,however!!! When I found out my friend Amy (withlovealiblog on twitter) was launching these I was beyond excited and I knew I had to get my hands on one. Out of  the hundreds of people that sent forward their details to Ames,I was lucky enough to  be selected to receive and review one of her £5 boxes.

As the name suggests the is essentially care in a box. When I originally found out about the idea I was so excited as these boxes will help so so many people. From personal experience; I can get so unmotivated and low thanks to poor mental health days that I will fail to do basic tasks like showering,dressing and brushing my hair. I would rather sleep all day and all night than face the day ahead of me.(Since having Willow I get up and manage to dress her,feed her,play with her etc. I’m able to put on a front so to speak,but my own personal hygiene and health doesn’t tend to matter.)

Amy is aiming to launch these on her store (theCareBoxUK) in January/February 2018. You will have three options of £5,£10 and £20 boxes,the more expensive the box you get the more self care products you receive!

This post is not sponsored and being friends with Amy has in no way affected my opinion or honesty on the product. 

She said to wait a week-ish for delivery after she sent them off but I received the goods the very next day! They were sent in a bubble wrap envelope and was filled with lilac confetti and the products were wrapped in lilac tissue paper (aka my favourite colour) I believe this is just temporary packaging for the reviewers but I kinda love it.

Now, before I managed to take photos, my child grabbed the chocolate and it was gone.When I went to take the photos my camera broke again after I HAD JUST GOT IT FIXED. I am so mad but I’m sure all the other bloggers will have photos because they’re just better at this blogging thing than me.

As I said,inside the box was a cadbury’s christmas themed chocolate bar. Willow enjoyed it so I can only imagine how good it was. I was so excited for the chocolate and I’m low-key still salty my child deprived me of it..moving on.

We also received a sheet face mask,my skin has been so dry recently and I swear this face mask added all the moisture and life back into my face. I also managed to creep Willow out with it,she wasn’t scared- just incredibly weirded out as to why I had it on my face.

I don’t know why I’ve missed this my entire life and never known they were a thing but roll on perfume. I’m pretty sure its from primark along with the mask,though I could be wrong. It smells SO NICE,I’m in love with the scent and its so good for on the go.

A SPOT ZAPPER-F*CK YEAH. I was going to get one of these for the longest time as my skin has been awful. I ain’t used it yet but I am excited to see if it works.

Lastly in the package was a deep sleep pillow spray. I ain’t used this as I’m scared it’ll knock me out and I won’t hear my baby in the night,but I think this is perfect for other people who struggle getting to sleep.

Currently on her website, she is dong a limited edition 12 days of self care for christmas so if you can’t wait for the big launch maybe grab one of the 10 boxes available instead?

I am so proud of Amy and think this idea is incredible. Its amazing to see so many people backing the idea and supporting her.


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