What We Did For Christmas 2017

I’m just going to say it now,I have very few photos from the day as I was busy living in the moment and enjoying creating memories with my princess.  I’m once again writing this from memory so I have some form of documentation for Willow and I to look back on when she is older.

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Christmas Eve:

I left my shopping very last minute,I managed to grab some bits when out with my girls and Willow on Friday but the majority of things I ordered Willow off the internet ended up being cancelled. I was so upset, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because she was so spoilt and there would’ve been no space for anything more. Christmas Eve Willow wasn’t feeling 100% and asked to go to bed earlier than usual,which meant we didn’t have chance to read her Christmas Eve story I got her (Peppa Pig loves Christmas Pudding) or leave out the things for Santa and his reindeer,which is completely fine because she is still a bit too young to understand the concept.

I started my wrapping Friday and finished the very last item on Christmas Eve. Placed all the gifts from myself in two customised Santa Sacks from thecuddlecompany. Then because I wanted the photos..I played Santa,ate the cookies,drank hot chocolate etc so I could snap some photos..literally no other reason.

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I decided that each year,I’ll get Willow a special bauble for on the tree so when she is older and leaves home I can put them all on my tree or she can have them all on a tree in her room or something. I don’t really know. However,the idea is that each bauble has some sort of special meaning or story behind it. Last year as it was her first Christmas,she got a lot of ‘babies first Christmas’ baubles and this year,I got her a Peppa Pig bauble for obvious reasons. I also found a gorgeous bauble from Etsy,which we can hang up every year in memory of Emma.

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On Christmas Eve,we always eat a load of food and watch a movie together as a family. Of course we watched ‘Love Actually’ ,which is my joint favourite film along with Mean Girls. My Mum had never seen it before?? I was disgusted. She love it though so all is forgiven.

Christmas Day: 

Willow had a lie in. I was tweeting about how excited I was for 5am-6am for Willow to wake up but she didn’t. I appreciate the lie in massively to be honest,its extremely rare. When she did wake up,we woke everyone else up and went downstairs. I placed her right in front of her presents and said “Wow Willow look!!” and basically made a huge deal out of it, just for her to walk off in the opposite direction. She couldn’t have cared less.


I started ripping the paper and telling her to come look,which she did and she ripped it a little…pulled out the clothes and put them on the floor. I then had to keep encouraging her to rip the paper and after three presents, she just wasn’t interested at all. She sat on the floor kicking and throwing the wrapping paper instead.


However, when I unwrapped a tiffany blue box,she came rushing over. She was so excited. She took out the customised pink dressing gown from my1styears and threw it on the floor. It was the box. She just wanted the box. She opened and closed it,put wrapping paper in it etc…basically all I needed for her this year was a box.

Whilst unwrapping our gifts,Mum gave us all pigs in blankets and afterwards was time for a mad rush. We usually have Christmas dinner at ours but this year we went to my Grandparents! Of course,I used new make up for my “festive” make up look and honestly,it turned out so good.


Willow and I had matching Christmas t-shirts,which we took photos in. Technically, Willows was a bodysuit though so she wore hers under her Santa dress. Last year,I took photos of her on the sofa in her Santa dress and thought it would be cute to recreate them this year…yeah..didn’t go to plan at all.

When my Grandad arrived to pick us up,Willow was mid tantrum but she adores my Grandad that much that she instantly when running to him, yelling “Grandad” and smiling. Tantrum over. Grandad saved the day.

When we arrived at my Grandparents house,Willow completely blanked my Grandma and ran straight to Herman the Tortoise. She kept saying “Herman” and waving at him through the glass. She then greeted my Grandma but only so she could drag her to get Herman out. She loves that tortoise more than anybody else. He chases her around the house,trying to get her toes and Willow just laughs her head off. Whenever he goes near her toys;she moves them,points at him angrily and very sternly tells him off.

I told them not to bring all of Willows presents to ours so they could open some with her and I am so glad we did that. Just watching them sat with her as they opened her gifts with her made my heart so full. My family is literally everything to me. I am so family orientated, nothing beats spending time with them. Willow lost interest in all other gifts after the second one.. because it was a Peppa Pig phone and anyone who tried to touch  it got screamed at. Unfortunately,Willow put it in a safe place and we can’t find it now.


My Grandparents went all out with table decorations and for Willows highchair they put red tinsel around it. SO CUTE. We started with the tradition of Christmas crackers,paper crowns and bad jokes. Then obviously the best part-we ate..a lot. We had the most amazing chocolate cake for dessert. I don’t usually like cake but this one was so light and fluffy-I had two slices of it and I will be tracking it down in store. It was just that good.

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I then had a nap because ya girl was exhausted and very full. When I woke up,we watched Oliver and later on,had Chinese food as a “snack”. I hate myself for eating so much but I don’t regret it at all.

We went home at about 8pm and my baby fell asleep in the taxi,so both me and her headed to bed for the night. I usually don’t sleep til 1am but I needed that sleep.

Boxing Day:

Every year on Boxing Day we have Christmas part two at my Grandma Sylvia’s (Dads side of the family) but this year we had no car and no way of getting there. I also believe my Uncle with all the Huskies (from my viral tweet) was there with the doggies and it would’ve been dangerous for Willow (all the dog hair) so we lazied around at home instead. Ate leftover Christmas dinner ,watched movies,played games etc.

Willow and I woke up before everyone else that morning,sat downstairs and watched Arthur Christmas,which has become our little tradition.

We honestly had such an amazing Christmas,it was my best one so far. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful baby girl to spend Christmas with. I have the most incredible friends and family,who are all so loving,supportive and kind,I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you so much to everyone who made this year so special. Onwards and upwards in 2018,no more toxic two faced b*llshitters. AMEN.

Thank you so much for reading,I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have the best adventures in the New Year! 


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