What Willow Got For Christmas 2017

Okay so,

its safe to say my baby girl was spoiled rotten this year,in my mind- I justify it with the fact she didn’t get much for her first birthday off me or her “father”. Being the stupidly unprepared blogger I am,I have no photos of any of her presents before they were opened and thrown around the room. Already pieces have gone AWOL,joys of having a little toddler,taking photos seems a little pointless to be honest.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 15.43.01

Lets start with the elephant in the room..well bear. The incredibly big bear was gifted to Willow along with Peppa Pig and George Pig teddies from my lovely twins Han and Soph! The bear is Willows most favourite gift without a doubt,she likes to throw it on the floor and dive on it,snuggle it and lie on it to pretend to go to sleep. Its her new best friend in other words.

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The pink rocking unicorn you can see in the back, is Willows main gift from her Grandma(My Mum),she also went a little crazy with new clothes for our sweet angel but we will skip past all the clothing items as I can not remember who got her which pieces to be honest.

I got Willow the majority of presents you can make out in the photo. I went crazy with books as Willow loves to sit own and look at all the photos or snuggle up in bed and have me read them. I got her some Peppa Pig books and loads of random books from thebookdepository.com including her First Bible..which she threw on the floor. I also got her a “My First Little Shop” which comes with a cash register,a shopping basket,food items and a credit card,not going to lie but I think I love playing with it more than she does. It is supposed to teach her colours,numbers etc but me and my brothers will sit playing Supermarkets like we’re five years old again. (Difference is..they’re 10 and 11..I am 20.)

I obviously had to go a little overboard with the Peppa Pig goodies. I went all out,I got her two customised Peppa Pig Christmas Cards and I did actually order customised Peppa Pig wrapping paper but it got cancelled!! I got her a customised Peppa Pig Ornament too for the tree. If you don’t know already,each year I intend to get a Christmas bauble for Willow with a little story behind it and this years story is that she is addicted to Peppa Pig and does pig noises 24/7. Last year was obviously her first Christmas so thats that story (if you were wondering).


I did go slightly overboard with the customised things too. I think customised gifts are so lovely and make everything that little bit more special. I grabbed Willow a gorgeous pink dressing gown with her name on it from my1styears,it has little ears and makes her look like a little pink bear! One tiny slight issue..whenever we put it on her she thinks she is going outside as if its a coat! She looks adorable though.

I also went overboard with clothes and although I remember which bits I got her,I ain’t got any photos of her in them yet but look out for them on my insta @xleahprescottx in the new year because they’re gorgeous!

Going back to Peppa Pig,my girl loves to draw but always eats the crayons! SO I saw a Peppa Pig Aquadoodle and knew it was perfect! She loves it but gets mad when the water runs out. She also loves making noise and playing with instruments so I got her a Peppa Pig music set,however,the recommended age is 3+ *face palm*. After going through it and confiscating anything too small or harmful,she has a few bits left to play with including the maracas which she uses the way you’re meant to or uses them to hit walls,hit other people etc.

My Dad got Willow another rocking horse like my Mum did but his is electronic and has loads of buttons and songs etc which she adores. Willow sits them both next to eachother and switches between them both,taking a turn on each one!


The lovely Jess sent us some money, so I could get Willow some bits off her and Emma!I cried a lot.  I chose to get a Christmas ornament from Etsy in memory of Emma,so we can hang it on Willows tree every single year and she can remember Auntie Emma. I also grab even more books for her,which Willow is very happy with!


I can’t remember what everyone else got her so I am truly sorry to all my other family and friends 🙂 I’m just useless with memory!

We did head over to my Grandparents for Christmas Dinner,which you can read about here and Willow had more gifts to open there. She got a “nanight” pillow,which was handmade by my Grandma’s 86 year old friend! Its so cute,its got her name on it and a little pocket for her Bedtime story of choice. She also got another book filled with all the different classic bedtime stories.

My Grandparents got the memo and also went overboard with all the Peppa Pig stuff. I think it was her second gift,she received a Peppa Pig flip phone and she was uninterested in everything else and its one of the only things she plays with. It rings when its closed and when she opens it Peppa or one of the other characters says ‘Hi’ and Willow loses her shit. She probably thinks its real poor thing! She can also “call” different characters depending on the number she presses,she spends hours talking to the Peppa Pig cast on her phone ahahaaha.


Again,I can’t remember what else my Grandparents got her because I am bloody useless. I am still waiting on Christmas part 2 at my Grandma Sylvia’s too,which we usually do boxing day but we have no way of getting to hers right now. Its been so long since we last saw her 😦

I was going to do a What I Got For Christmas too but I thought I’d just include it at the end of this. I got a few new pieces of clothes,some make up products from technic (which I ain’t tried out yet),bath stuff, chocolates, a gorgeous new bag and some money to go towards my lip filler-which I’m getting done in the New Year! Although I love what I got and I am super grateful,I think as you get older it becomes a lot more to do with the people and your loved ones than what items you get. This is the first Christmas I’ve genuinely loved in so long,I had such an amazing day surrounded by my family and good food!! Willow has made me love Christmas again because as she gets older and understands Santa,the excitement she gets Christmas night etc I just can’t wait to see her believing in all the magic.

Basically- I’m like scrooge,I’ve been a miserable turd and now I love Christmas.

This year she was more interested in the wrapping paper,throwing it around and ripping it up than she was about her gifts and she got overly excited about the box her dressing gown came in because she could put the wrapping paper inside of it but she was still super happy,excited-and well,confused.

I hope you all had such an amazing Christmas and have the most amazing year. I believe in you all and you can all do anything and everything you put your mind to!



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