2018 Resolutions & Goals

As we’re nearing the end of what I’d call ‘the worst year of my life’,I thought I’d come back from my blogging hiatus with some New Year Goals.

Firstly,for those who aren’t aware,I took a mini blogging break to focus on Willow’s health. We had a shitload of  Doctors and Hospital appointments and I felt like I had to take a mini time out to fully focus my time. She’s had scans,x-rays,blood test and all kinds of other tests to check her spine and hips.

We had our last appointment a few weeks ago and my baby got the all clear!!Which means she no longer needs an MRI! I am so over the moon as I’ve been so incredibly stressed out over it. My lil trooper has also had no fits in a really long time,but paranoid Mum over here is still jumping up at the slightest fall,I’m sure I’ll relax soon!

For anyone interested,I have a blogpost up on what Willow got for Christmas-because lets face it,her gifts are way more interesting than mine! I’m getting lip filler for anyone who doesn’t know yet,that was my “main” gift as everyone chipped in for it. Its either going to go really well or really really badly so fingers crossed it goes super good and I look like a supermodel afterwards.I’ll be sure to share my experiences with everyone when it does happen.


Now lets stop rambling and jump into my goals and resolutions for 2018:

  • Stop swearing. This is massive as I am now a mother to a one year old who is starting to copy words. Luckily,I never swear in front of her but I’ve slipped up a few times and if I don’t swear at all-I can never slip up.
  • Stop over sharing. Lets be real for a minute,my twitter is essentially my diary. I share everything throughout my day and low-key need to stop. Keep my private life private.
  • Stop talking in anger. The last two years,I’ve reacted to certain situations instantly when angry,hurt and just absolutely devastated. I’d resort to saying the nastiest version of the truth possible, rather than just taking it in and responding maturely. No more of that. No thank you. I hated who I was during that time period.
  • Get myself back. Related to my last one,getting myself back is a priority. I was torn down and ripped apart for so long,I’m not sure its even possible anymore but maybe its time to become the best version of myself I can. The girl I’ve been since late 2015,isn’t who I am at all. Lord knows what happened,but never let someone change who you are. Always stay true to yourself.
  • Stop feeling guilty and start to be a tiny bit selfish. I need to start putting my happiness first so that is what I’m going to do! No if,buts or sob stories will be making me change my mind about anything that could potentially ruin my progress. Next year is all about me,myself,I! (and Willow)
  • Get lip filler. Throwing this one in here because its 100% happening. Last year I wrote so many unrealistic ones,that never happened so lets do some that definitely are.
  • Get some professional photos of my princess taken. I want some lovely HD gorgeous photos of my girl taken and framed for my future home.
  • Learn to drive. I said this every year since I was 18 but I am literally so terrified because I know I am going to be the worst driver of all time. I’m 21 in September and I have a toddler so I kind of need to learn sooner or later so I can have the freedom of a real adult.
  • Finish my course.  Already on my way to finishing it!! Just need some motivation and a kick up the butt as its started to bore me-oops.
  • Start one of my dream courses. I got to save up some money first but I will be doing this at some point,so why not this year? Its been one of my dreams for the longest time.
  • Get my Emma tattoo. A lovely twitter user teacupbambi_ designed my gorgeous tattoo in memory of Emma and this year I will finally get it tatted. (Or the year after but hopefully sooner rather than later!)
  • Get my nose pierced. I’ve always wanted my nose pierced but I need to mentally prepare myself for a bit longer and the idea of a needle going through my nose really freaks me out.
  • Spend more time with friends. I rarely see my pals and I’d love a few more girly nights out,pamper days and shopping trips with my girls in the new year.
  • Move out? This one is a massively if situation as January 2017 I had the worst breakdown of my life and am working on getting better still. Finding coping mechanisms that work for me,trying different medications etc although I feel better as a whole,I still have really bad dark periods that are incredibly difficult to overcome. My aim is to be well enough to move out on my own by the end of 2018 or the start of 2019.
  • Drink more water! Cut out coke!!
  • Make more memories with Willow!!!! Making memories and spending time with my little love are my most favourite things to do on the planet. Its kind of obvious that this will be happening butttttt we’re doing extra special things this year (hopefully) like going to Peppa Pig World-I can not wait to see her Peppa Pig obsessed face when she sees it all. Eek!!
  • Go through my blog and update photos! My pics on my blog are either terrible IPhone 5 quality or taken off google images (credited of course) but I have finally fixed my camera so I can now take some bad bad baddddd but high quality photos!!YAY!

I have a whole bunch of other goals and resolutions that I think I’ll be keeping to myself for now as they’re either definitely happening or I know they will epically fail (hello diet and fitness 2010-onwards R.I.P you xo)


Let me know what your resolutions and goals are, I love knowing what peoples aims and dreams are etc!



Quotes were taken from Google Images! Credit to whoever made them.


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