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Why I Will Never Have More Children?!

Since I was a little girl,all I wanted was a family of my own. Me,a husband,7 or more children, a dog and a few bunnies. I was the child sat at the back of class and whilst everyone else would be telling the teacher their goals of being policemen, singers or mechanics. I would always answer “I want to be a Mum”. It was that simple.

However,becoming a mother to Willow has changed that completely. I might only be 20 years old but I am certain that Willow will be my one and only. My pregnancy,birth and first few months of being a Mother were completely ruined and destroyed.

My ex was a massive **** the entire time and only recently has started to be somewhat tolerable and mature. The stress of his behaviour caused massive complications with my pregnancy and everyone was pretty certain I wouldn’t be carrying long term. Luckily,by some miracle I carried to 39 weeks but complications still followed.

I personally feel that pregnancy and raising a child,is something you want to experience with the person you love and to not have had the opportunity to do that with my ex,honestly broke me and still to this day hurts a lot. I no longer hate him but I still hate the things he did and said-I don’t think I will ever forgive them.


When pregnant I struggled badly with prenatal depression,then after she was born I struggled with postnatal depression which meant I struggled to bond properly. Don’t get me wrong I still had overwhelming love for her but the motivation and desire to do things for her was none existent. I cried all the time and massively feared doing things wrong,which caused horrible panic attacks. I don’t think it helped that my ex was constantly putting me down,saying I was doing everything wrong like everything he did was right? Idiot.

The birth. I’ve put off writing about my labour and birth for so long. I have a draft on here actually called “My Labour & Birth Experience” the only thing written in bold caps is : TRULY AWFUL AND HORRIFIC. NEVER AGAIN. Everything and anything that could’ve gone wrong-went wrong. I don’t know if I will ever be able to speak about it in detail to be honest and if I do ever talk about it, I know I’ll be leaving out massive chunks. It was something out of a gory horror film and just no thank you. It was 100% worth it but the fear,anxiety and stress that just comes from the idea of having to do it all again is terrifying enough. My health visitor actually told me recently that its very bizarre that over a year later,I still remember all the details and have nightmares about it so..fun times.

Take it with a pinch of salt though. I would love, more than anything, to have more lil babies one day and maybe one day, I’ll finally forget the trauma- that was the birth of Willow.

It was so worth it. Meeting her for the first time,is unfortunately very blurry but I do remember the moment she was placed on my chest and let out a little whimper. I didn’t have chance to take her in properly as I was so light headed and out of it. I think I did actually pass out and when I came back around I kept on asking how much longer until she arrived and they kept on telling me she was here already and it was awful.

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 15.29.13

People speak about that special moment where your baby is placed on your chest and looks into your eyes for the first time and you see eachother for the first time but I didn’t have it. The whole pregnancy I couldn’t wait for that moment. I’ve had loads of moments and experiences with her so I don’t feel like I missed out on anything,I don’t love her any less but that was the thing that motivated me through my pregnancy.


Willow,well,she saved my life. Over and over and over again. When I think about all the stuff that was happening during my pregnancy and even now afterwards,if it wasn’t for her I would not have ever found the strength to carry on. I am so grateful for my baby. There truly is no love like a mothers love.




2018 Resolutions & Goals

As we’re nearing the end of what I’d call ‘the worst year of my life’,I thought I’d come back from my blogging hiatus with some New Year Goals.

Firstly,for those who aren’t aware,I took a mini blogging break to focus on Willow’s health. We had a shitload of  Doctors and Hospital appointments and I felt like I had to take a mini time out to fully focus my time. She’s had scans,x-rays,blood test and all kinds of other tests to check her spine and hips.

We had our last appointment a few weeks ago and my baby got the all clear!!Which means she no longer needs an MRI! I am so over the moon as I’ve been so incredibly stressed out over it. My lil trooper has also had no fits in a really long time,but paranoid Mum over here is still jumping up at the slightest fall,I’m sure I’ll relax soon!

For anyone interested,I have a blogpost up on what Willow got for Christmas-because lets face it,her gifts are way more interesting than mine! I’m getting lip filler for anyone who doesn’t know yet,that was my “main” gift as everyone chipped in for it. Its either going to go really well or really really badly so fingers crossed it goes super good and I look like a supermodel afterwards.I’ll be sure to share my experiences with everyone when it does happen.


Now lets stop rambling and jump into my goals and resolutions for 2018:

  • Stop swearing. This is massive as I am now a mother to a one year old who is starting to copy words. Luckily,I never swear in front of her but I’ve slipped up a few times and if I don’t swear at all-I can never slip up.
  • Stop over sharing. Lets be real for a minute,my twitter is essentially my diary. I share everything throughout my day and low-key need to stop. Keep my private life private.
  • Stop talking in anger. The last two years,I’ve reacted to certain situations instantly when angry,hurt and just absolutely devastated. I’d resort to saying the nastiest version of the truth possible, rather than just taking it in and responding maturely. No more of that. No thank you. I hated who I was during that time period.
  • Get myself back. Related to my last one,getting myself back is a priority. I was torn down and ripped apart for so long,I’m not sure its even possible anymore but maybe its time to become the best version of myself I can. The girl I’ve been since late 2015,isn’t who I am at all. Lord knows what happened,but never let someone change who you are. Always stay true to yourself.
  • Stop feeling guilty and start to be a tiny bit selfish. I need to start putting my happiness first so that is what I’m going to do! No if,buts or sob stories will be making me change my mind about anything that could potentially ruin my progress. Next year is all about me,myself,I! (and Willow)
  • Get lip filler. Throwing this one in here because its 100% happening. Last year I wrote so many unrealistic ones,that never happened so lets do some that definitely are.
  • Get some professional photos of my princess taken. I want some lovely HD gorgeous photos of my girl taken and framed for my future home.
  • Learn to drive. I said this every year since I was 18 but I am literally so terrified because I know I am going to be the worst driver of all time. I’m 21 in September and I have a toddler so I kind of need to learn sooner or later so I can have the freedom of a real adult.
  • Finish my course.  Already on my way to finishing it!! Just need some motivation and a kick up the butt as its started to bore me-oops.
  • Start one of my dream courses. I got to save up some money first but I will be doing this at some point,so why not this year? Its been one of my dreams for the longest time.
  • Get my Emma tattoo. A lovely twitter user teacupbambi_ designed my gorgeous tattoo in memory of Emma and this year I will finally get it tatted. (Or the year after but hopefully sooner rather than later!)
  • Get my nose pierced. I’ve always wanted my nose pierced but I need to mentally prepare myself for a bit longer and the idea of a needle going through my nose really freaks me out.
  • Spend more time with friends. I rarely see my pals and I’d love a few more girly nights out,pamper days and shopping trips with my girls in the new year.
  • Move out? This one is a massively if situation as January 2017 I had the worst breakdown of my life and am working on getting better still. Finding coping mechanisms that work for me,trying different medications etc although I feel better as a whole,I still have really bad dark periods that are incredibly difficult to overcome. My aim is to be well enough to move out on my own by the end of 2018 or the start of 2019.
  • Drink more water! Cut out coke!!
  • Make more memories with Willow!!!! Making memories and spending time with my little love are my most favourite things to do on the planet. Its kind of obvious that this will be happening butttttt we’re doing extra special things this year (hopefully) like going to Peppa Pig World-I can not wait to see her Peppa Pig obsessed face when she sees it all. Eek!!
  • Go through my blog and update photos! My pics on my blog are either terrible IPhone 5 quality or taken off google images (credited of course) but I have finally fixed my camera so I can now take some bad bad baddddd but high quality photos!!YAY!

I have a whole bunch of other goals and resolutions that I think I’ll be keeping to myself for now as they’re either definitely happening or I know they will epically fail (hello diet and fitness 2010-onwards R.I.P you xo)


Let me know what your resolutions and goals are, I love knowing what peoples aims and dreams are etc!



Quotes were taken from Google Images! Credit to whoever made them.


What Willow Got For Christmas 2017

Okay so,

its safe to say my baby girl was spoiled rotten this year,in my mind- I justify it with the fact she didn’t get much for her first birthday off me or her “father”. Being the stupidly unprepared blogger I am,I have no photos of any of her presents before they were opened and thrown around the room. Already pieces have gone AWOL,joys of having a little toddler,taking photos seems a little pointless to be honest.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 15.43.01

Lets start with the elephant in the room..well bear. The incredibly big bear was gifted to Willow along with Peppa Pig and George Pig teddies from my lovely twins Han and Soph! The bear is Willows most favourite gift without a doubt,she likes to throw it on the floor and dive on it,snuggle it and lie on it to pretend to go to sleep. Its her new best friend in other words.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The pink rocking unicorn you can see in the back, is Willows main gift from her Grandma(My Mum),she also went a little crazy with new clothes for our sweet angel but we will skip past all the clothing items as I can not remember who got her which pieces to be honest.

I got Willow the majority of presents you can make out in the photo. I went crazy with books as Willow loves to sit own and look at all the photos or snuggle up in bed and have me read them. I got her some Peppa Pig books and loads of random books from thebookdepository.com including her First Bible..which she threw on the floor. I also got her a “My First Little Shop” which comes with a cash register,a shopping basket,food items and a credit card,not going to lie but I think I love playing with it more than she does. It is supposed to teach her colours,numbers etc but me and my brothers will sit playing Supermarkets like we’re five years old again. (Difference is..they’re 10 and 11..I am 20.)

I obviously had to go a little overboard with the Peppa Pig goodies. I went all out,I got her two customised Peppa Pig Christmas Cards and I did actually order customised Peppa Pig wrapping paper but it got cancelled!! I got her a customised Peppa Pig Ornament too for the tree. If you don’t know already,each year I intend to get a Christmas bauble for Willow with a little story behind it and this years story is that she is addicted to Peppa Pig and does pig noises 24/7. Last year was obviously her first Christmas so thats that story (if you were wondering).


I did go slightly overboard with the customised things too. I think customised gifts are so lovely and make everything that little bit more special. I grabbed Willow a gorgeous pink dressing gown with her name on it from my1styears,it has little ears and makes her look like a little pink bear! One tiny slight issue..whenever we put it on her she thinks she is going outside as if its a coat! She looks adorable though.

I also went overboard with clothes and although I remember which bits I got her,I ain’t got any photos of her in them yet but look out for them on my insta @xleahprescottx in the new year because they’re gorgeous!

Going back to Peppa Pig,my girl loves to draw but always eats the crayons! SO I saw a Peppa Pig Aquadoodle and knew it was perfect! She loves it but gets mad when the water runs out. She also loves making noise and playing with instruments so I got her a Peppa Pig music set,however,the recommended age is 3+ *face palm*. After going through it and confiscating anything too small or harmful,she has a few bits left to play with including the maracas which she uses the way you’re meant to or uses them to hit walls,hit other people etc.

My Dad got Willow another rocking horse like my Mum did but his is electronic and has loads of buttons and songs etc which she adores. Willow sits them both next to eachother and switches between them both,taking a turn on each one!


The lovely Jess sent us some money, so I could get Willow some bits off her and Emma!I cried a lot.  I chose to get a Christmas ornament from Etsy in memory of Emma,so we can hang it on Willows tree every single year and she can remember Auntie Emma. I also grab even more books for her,which Willow is very happy with!


I can’t remember what everyone else got her so I am truly sorry to all my other family and friends 🙂 I’m just useless with memory!

We did head over to my Grandparents for Christmas Dinner,which you can read about here and Willow had more gifts to open there. She got a “nanight” pillow,which was handmade by my Grandma’s 86 year old friend! Its so cute,its got her name on it and a little pocket for her Bedtime story of choice. She also got another book filled with all the different classic bedtime stories.

My Grandparents got the memo and also went overboard with all the Peppa Pig stuff. I think it was her second gift,she received a Peppa Pig flip phone and she was uninterested in everything else and its one of the only things she plays with. It rings when its closed and when she opens it Peppa or one of the other characters says ‘Hi’ and Willow loses her shit. She probably thinks its real poor thing! She can also “call” different characters depending on the number she presses,she spends hours talking to the Peppa Pig cast on her phone ahahaaha.


Again,I can’t remember what else my Grandparents got her because I am bloody useless. I am still waiting on Christmas part 2 at my Grandma Sylvia’s too,which we usually do boxing day but we have no way of getting to hers right now. Its been so long since we last saw her 😦

I was going to do a What I Got For Christmas too but I thought I’d just include it at the end of this. I got a few new pieces of clothes,some make up products from technic (which I ain’t tried out yet),bath stuff, chocolates, a gorgeous new bag and some money to go towards my lip filler-which I’m getting done in the New Year! Although I love what I got and I am super grateful,I think as you get older it becomes a lot more to do with the people and your loved ones than what items you get. This is the first Christmas I’ve genuinely loved in so long,I had such an amazing day surrounded by my family and good food!! Willow has made me love Christmas again because as she gets older and understands Santa,the excitement she gets Christmas night etc I just can’t wait to see her believing in all the magic.

Basically- I’m like scrooge,I’ve been a miserable turd and now I love Christmas.

This year she was more interested in the wrapping paper,throwing it around and ripping it up than she was about her gifts and she got overly excited about the box her dressing gown came in because she could put the wrapping paper inside of it but she was still super happy,excited-and well,confused.

I hope you all had such an amazing Christmas and have the most amazing year. I believe in you all and you can all do anything and everything you put your mind to!



What We Did For Christmas 2017

I’m just going to say it now,I have very few photos from the day as I was busy living in the moment and enjoying creating memories with my princess.  I’m once again writing this from memory so I have some form of documentation for Willow and I to look back on when she is older.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 15.43.01.png


Christmas Eve:

I left my shopping very last minute,I managed to grab some bits when out with my girls and Willow on Friday but the majority of things I ordered Willow off the internet ended up being cancelled. I was so upset, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because she was so spoilt and there would’ve been no space for anything more. Christmas Eve Willow wasn’t feeling 100% and asked to go to bed earlier than usual,which meant we didn’t have chance to read her Christmas Eve story I got her (Peppa Pig loves Christmas Pudding) or leave out the things for Santa and his reindeer,which is completely fine because she is still a bit too young to understand the concept.

I started my wrapping Friday and finished the very last item on Christmas Eve. Placed all the gifts from myself in two customised Santa Sacks from thecuddlecompany. Then because I wanted the photos..I played Santa,ate the cookies,drank hot chocolate etc so I could snap some photos..literally no other reason.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I decided that each year,I’ll get Willow a special bauble for on the tree so when she is older and leaves home I can put them all on my tree or she can have them all on a tree in her room or something. I don’t really know. However,the idea is that each bauble has some sort of special meaning or story behind it. Last year as it was her first Christmas,she got a lot of ‘babies first Christmas’ baubles and this year,I got her a Peppa Pig bauble for obvious reasons. I also found a gorgeous bauble from Etsy,which we can hang up every year in memory of Emma.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Christmas Eve,we always eat a load of food and watch a movie together as a family. Of course we watched ‘Love Actually’ ,which is my joint favourite film along with Mean Girls. My Mum had never seen it before?? I was disgusted. She love it though so all is forgiven.

Christmas Day: 

Willow had a lie in. I was tweeting about how excited I was for 5am-6am for Willow to wake up but she didn’t. I appreciate the lie in massively to be honest,its extremely rare. When she did wake up,we woke everyone else up and went downstairs. I placed her right in front of her presents and said “Wow Willow look!!” and basically made a huge deal out of it, just for her to walk off in the opposite direction. She couldn’t have cared less.


I started ripping the paper and telling her to come look,which she did and she ripped it a little…pulled out the clothes and put them on the floor. I then had to keep encouraging her to rip the paper and after three presents, she just wasn’t interested at all. She sat on the floor kicking and throwing the wrapping paper instead.


However, when I unwrapped a tiffany blue box,she came rushing over. She was so excited. She took out the customised pink dressing gown from my1styears and threw it on the floor. It was the box. She just wanted the box. She opened and closed it,put wrapping paper in it etc…basically all I needed for her this year was a box.

Whilst unwrapping our gifts,Mum gave us all pigs in blankets and afterwards was time for a mad rush. We usually have Christmas dinner at ours but this year we went to my Grandparents! Of course,I used new make up for my “festive” make up look and honestly,it turned out so good.


Willow and I had matching Christmas t-shirts,which we took photos in. Technically, Willows was a bodysuit though so she wore hers under her Santa dress. Last year,I took photos of her on the sofa in her Santa dress and thought it would be cute to recreate them this year…yeah..didn’t go to plan at all.

When my Grandad arrived to pick us up,Willow was mid tantrum but she adores my Grandad that much that she instantly when running to him, yelling “Grandad” and smiling. Tantrum over. Grandad saved the day.

When we arrived at my Grandparents house,Willow completely blanked my Grandma and ran straight to Herman the Tortoise. She kept saying “Herman” and waving at him through the glass. She then greeted my Grandma but only so she could drag her to get Herman out. She loves that tortoise more than anybody else. He chases her around the house,trying to get her toes and Willow just laughs her head off. Whenever he goes near her toys;she moves them,points at him angrily and very sternly tells him off.

I told them not to bring all of Willows presents to ours so they could open some with her and I am so glad we did that. Just watching them sat with her as they opened her gifts with her made my heart so full. My family is literally everything to me. I am so family orientated, nothing beats spending time with them. Willow lost interest in all other gifts after the second one.. because it was a Peppa Pig phone and anyone who tried to touch  it got screamed at. Unfortunately,Willow put it in a safe place and we can’t find it now.


My Grandparents went all out with table decorations and for Willows highchair they put red tinsel around it. SO CUTE. We started with the tradition of Christmas crackers,paper crowns and bad jokes. Then obviously the best part-we ate..a lot. We had the most amazing chocolate cake for dessert. I don’t usually like cake but this one was so light and fluffy-I had two slices of it and I will be tracking it down in store. It was just that good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I then had a nap because ya girl was exhausted and very full. When I woke up,we watched Oliver and later on,had Chinese food as a “snack”. I hate myself for eating so much but I don’t regret it at all.

We went home at about 8pm and my baby fell asleep in the taxi,so both me and her headed to bed for the night. I usually don’t sleep til 1am but I needed that sleep.

Boxing Day:

Every year on Boxing Day we have Christmas part two at my Grandma Sylvia’s (Dads side of the family) but this year we had no car and no way of getting there. I also believe my Uncle with all the Huskies (from my viral tweet) was there with the doggies and it would’ve been dangerous for Willow (all the dog hair) so we lazied around at home instead. Ate leftover Christmas dinner ,watched movies,played games etc.

Willow and I woke up before everyone else that morning,sat downstairs and watched Arthur Christmas,which has become our little tradition.

We honestly had such an amazing Christmas,it was my best one so far. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful baby girl to spend Christmas with. I have the most incredible friends and family,who are all so loving,supportive and kind,I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you so much to everyone who made this year so special. Onwards and upwards in 2018,no more toxic two faced b*llshitters. AMEN.

Thank you so much for reading,I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have the best adventures in the New Year! 


Read what Willow got for Christmas here. (Will be published soon)

Read my 2018 Resolutions here. (Will be published soon)


The Care Box Review

I haven’t blogged in a little while as I’m taking a break to focus on my little miss,however!!! When I found out my friend Amy (withlovealiblog on twitter) was launching these I was beyond excited and I knew I had to get my hands on one. Out of  the hundreds of people that sent forward their details to Ames,I was lucky enough to  be selected to receive and review one of her £5 boxes.

As the name suggests the is essentially care in a box. When I originally found out about the idea I was so excited as these boxes will help so so many people. From personal experience; I can get so unmotivated and low thanks to poor mental health days that I will fail to do basic tasks like showering,dressing and brushing my hair. I would rather sleep all day and all night than face the day ahead of me.(Since having Willow I get up and manage to dress her,feed her,play with her etc. I’m able to put on a front so to speak,but my own personal hygiene and health doesn’t tend to matter.)

Amy is aiming to launch these on her store (theCareBoxUK) in January/February 2018. You will have three options of £5,£10 and £20 boxes,the more expensive the box you get the more self care products you receive!

This post is not sponsored and being friends with Amy has in no way affected my opinion or honesty on the product. 

She said to wait a week-ish for delivery after she sent them off but I received the goods the very next day! They were sent in a bubble wrap envelope and was filled with lilac confetti and the products were wrapped in lilac tissue paper (aka my favourite colour) I believe this is just temporary packaging for the reviewers but I kinda love it.

Now, before I managed to take photos, my child grabbed the chocolate and it was gone.When I went to take the photos my camera broke again after I HAD JUST GOT IT FIXED. I am so mad but I’m sure all the other bloggers will have photos because they’re just better at this blogging thing than me.

As I said,inside the box was a cadbury’s christmas themed chocolate bar. Willow enjoyed it so I can only imagine how good it was. I was so excited for the chocolate and I’m low-key still salty my child deprived me of it..moving on.

We also received a sheet face mask,my skin has been so dry recently and I swear this face mask added all the moisture and life back into my face. I also managed to creep Willow out with it,she wasn’t scared- just incredibly weirded out as to why I had it on my face.

I don’t know why I’ve missed this my entire life and never known they were a thing but roll on perfume. I’m pretty sure its from primark along with the mask,though I could be wrong. It smells SO NICE,I’m in love with the scent and its so good for on the go.

A SPOT ZAPPER-F*CK YEAH. I was going to get one of these for the longest time as my skin has been awful. I ain’t used it yet but I am excited to see if it works.

Lastly in the package was a deep sleep pillow spray. I ain’t used this as I’m scared it’ll knock me out and I won’t hear my baby in the night,but I think this is perfect for other people who struggle getting to sleep.

Currently on her website,thecareboxuk.com she is dong a limited edition 12 days of self care for christmas so if you can’t wait for the big launch maybe grab one of the 10 boxes available instead?

I am so proud of Amy and think this idea is incredible. Its amazing to see so many people backing the idea and supporting her.



The Sunshine Blogger Award




I recently got tagged to do The Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Chlo over at tintsofautumn,you can read her post here. Thank you so much for nominating me!

The rules are that you recognise the blogger(s) that nominate you,answer the questions left for you in their blogpost and then nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions.

Now on to answering the questions from Chlo!

1.What is your favourite season and why?

I love all of them for different reasons especially now I’ve got Willow. I love Autumn because Halloween, fireworks,roasting marshmellows, the fashion etc. I love Winter because Christmas,Santa and snow!! I feel like when she is bigger this will easily be  my favourite season because of her excitement and belief in Santa. Summer and Spring because of all the flowers,baby animals being born,easter,hot weather,the six week holiday-where me and Willow can get up to adventures etc. There are different memories and things to do with her so I can’t pick?? 

I made that question so much harder for myself that it had to be *sigh*.

2.Who’s voice could you not live without?

Okay so this one is quite difficult but the first person who came to mind was my ex. His voice used to calm me when I was struggling or panicking and hearing him come into my house or that first ‘Hi’ when he picked up the phone used to make my heart do somersaults but now it just terrifies me. However, I aint seen him in like 3 months so I seem to be living without him pretty well aha.

3.What do you love most about the blogging community?

The people. Everyone I’ve personally come across is so lovely and so supportive of eachother and everyone,its amazing. I’ve never been the kinda girl to have a lot of friends but through blogging I’ve met loads of lifelong lil buds who I adore.

4.What is your favourite blog post you’ve ever written and why?(link it!)

I’ll say my first ever post. I don’t read it anymore because it takes me back and makes me feel a bit sick at how drastic and fast things change but its nearly a year since I wrote it. Its the first post I ever made public,the first one that gave me balls and gave me the push to start blogging so it will always have a special place in my heart.

Read it here: About My Family.

5.What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

I swear none of my dreams are normal. Some nights I’m a warrior princess fighting fire breathing gree trolls;other nights I’m literally in my room then fall through my bed Alice in Wonderland style land on some stairs in a strange mansion surrounded by Annabelle dolls red balloons and other shit I don’t wanna talk about. To be fair some nights I have pretty normal dreams where I’m a normal school girl and my Grandma comes and tells me I’m the Princess of Genovia and I get a sick walk in wardrobe.

One dream that really stands out for me though is a reoccurring one I’ve had since I was really little.I don’t know if its “weird” per say but it freaks me out whenever I have it as it feels like more of a memory. Its the same every single time,I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. I’m in the sea,bobbing up and down so the water keeps blocking my vision,its mute but a lot is happening around me. Its hard to explain but usually my dreams are in third person(?),with audio etc as if its a movie and I’m watching it. This one however,is as if I’m looking at everything unfold with my own eyes as I would on a day to day basis.

I do have a theory behind it though… I drowned on the titanic in a previous life *mic drop*.

6.Where in the world would you most like to travel to?

This is such a difficult question because I strongly believe I’m a little traveller at heart. I was housebound for years so I think that gave me an extra thirst and desire to get out there and see as much of the world as possible before I die. As I’ve got a lil mini me I’ll have to say Disneyland or word,one or the other! I’ve never been and I am the biggest Disney fan ever and I think experiencing it as a child would be so magical! I’d love to see Willows face as she meets all the princesses etc my Mum heart would literally explode.

7.What did you last watch on Netflix? (or the last thing you watched if you don’t have it)

The last thing I finished was Rick and Morty and I am currently watching Shameless (USA) and I am addicted. 

8.Favourite lipstick shade and brand?

Reign retro luxe matte lipkit by Make Up Revolution is my go to atm. 

9.The life motto you live by is…

I very recently found a youtuber called Ella Ringrose, who introduced me to three “quotes” to change your outlook and perspective on life. By changing the way you word things can change your mood and motivate you.

Instead of saying “I have to clean my room” you say “I get to clean my room” .

*I feel like this one is important as there are people out there who are unable to tidy their own rooms or go to work etc due to being wheelchair/bed bound and I’m sure they would love the independence we’re all so lucky to have.

Instead of saying “I hope I lose weight” you say “I know I will lose weight”.

Instead of saying “I should go to the gym” you say “I could go to the gym”

10. Who means the most to you?

Willow! (obvs) I didn’t actually know it was physically possible to love someone and care about someone so much until I fell pregnant. Since the two lines on my test,my whole world and strength has been her.

11. Sum up your life in one word.


I tag:

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My Questions:

  1. Who is someone who changed your life in positive way and how?
  2. What is your favourite disney movie and why?
  3. What is the first childhood memory that pops into your head?
  4. If you had £1,000,000 what would you do with it?
  5. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
  6. Do appearances play some importance to you?
  7. What was the last text message you received?
  8. Where would you like to visit the most in the world?
  9. What is the best holiday you have ever been on and why?
  10. Are you missing anyone right now?
  11. What are your top 3 baby girl and top 3 baby boy names?